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From an Abused Child to a Healer: The Remarkable Journey of Michelle Evans

Canada-based life coach Michelle Evans turned the trauma of her childhood into fuel for self-transformation and healing others.

By Kay Newton

Based in Yukon Territory, Canada, Michelle Evans doesn’t like labels but her clients call her a coach, spiritual mentor or energy healer. To get to this point, though, she had a tough journey, especially a childhood full of trauma and abuse.

Her father, a drug dealer, was incredibly violent. “He would go take care of business with a sawed-off shotgun. I learned how to cook crack cocaine in the microwave when I was 13. He broke three of my ribs at 14. I didn’t talk to a lot of people – what happened at home stayed at home. To this day, he is an active heroin addict,” says the Whitehorse-based life coach.

From as young as 12, she took on the role of protector to her younger brother, even caring for him and her father’s girlfriend’s two children when her father was in prison and his girlfriend in a hospital. “The authorities looked at me and asked if I was okay and the kids could stay with me, or if I was not and they would go to foster care for the night. I said I was okay. I was always okay.”

Michelle Evans

Early on, Michelle made decisions about what kind of a mother she would be herself. “When I got pregnant at 16, all of those pre-made decisions kicked in and my sole focus was on being the mom I wish I had. As I watched them grow, I was able to teach them things that I had not grasped for myself.” But once her own kids were grown up, she realised she had no idea who she was if she wasn’t “supermom”.

“Knowing I was about to have an empty nest was the catalyst in finding out who I truly was,” says Michelle, whose sons are now 20 and 25.  

Michelle goes on to explain that as a young child she was always fascinated with magic (or energy as she now calls it) but she “turned the magic volume down and ignored it, thinking I must be making things up.” Then 10 years ago, she began practising energy healing. Initially, she stayed in the “spiritual closet”, practising only on her sons, whose innocent acceptance encouraged her. Now, she has been working globally for the past four years.

Michelle giving a talk

She shares, “When you work on healing yourself, everything around you begins to heal too. The ripple effect is amazing; it makes me cry as I watch it all the time. Healing all that trauma over the years has allowed me also heal the relationships with my family. Which in turn allows me to have incredible relationships with my clients. When you heal yourself, you do not have to do anything to change anyone else, it automatically happens. Whether it is the cashier in the local shop or interaction with your children. When you connect to the being you were born as, everything changes.”

Now as a midlife woman who had to be invisible as a child, Michelle is becoming more visible all of the time. “I love this and at the same time feel awkward. My whole goal now is to help people remember who they were before the world got their hands on them. You still are an amazing connected being, there is no need to find yourself, you were never lost. You may not always recognise it yet you are never alone and you are always loved.”

Find Michelle at Rocksolidlove.ca

First published in eShe’s March 2020 issue

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