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Who Says Struggles Make You Age Faster? This 60-Year-Old Is Growing Younger!

Can you be optimistic and youthful despite a life full of challenges and pain? Author Mala Mansukhani is certainly an example!

By Maya Lalchandani

This dynamic woman has donned many roles in her life – a daughter, mother, widow, grandmother, fashionista, trendsetter and even a philanthropist. Yet, today, at age 60, Mala Mansukhani says, “I might be different things to different people, but one thing I am not is OLD!”

Having battled various challenges while chasing her dreams, the author of Grow Younger shares how she turned her life around, and is now full of youthful energy despite all the ups and downs she faced. “You can be as young as you think you are,” says the Mumbai-based mother of three and grandma of five.

No wonder former athlete Milkha Singh said of her book, “I think this book is a useful read for everyone, not just those who think they are getting older.”

Mala Mansukhani, author of Grow Younger

Most people are awed when they meet Mala in person, full of youthful energy and glowing with health and radiance, but to hear her story is another level of inspiration. When she was a little girl, her mother Vindri left her errant husband and moved with four daughters to Mumbai, where she worked hard as a seamstress, single-handedly raising her kids. No doubt young Mala’s memories of deprivation shaped the course of her future choices.

Mala’s early marriage to a man 13 years older was probably her first act of rebellion. For a while, she sailed through her new life, bearing three daughters, but sadness crept in. Her own beauty became a source of misery.

“Here comes the black and white TV,” people ridiculed the couple. Though they were comfortable financially, she found her husband distant. History repeated itself, and she cried herself to sleep every night hoping things would change.

Mala with her three daughters

She finally opted out of a loveless marriage, moving back with her mother. Divorce followed when the girls were old enough. She hated the thing people called beauty; it had not served her well.

A year later, a friend told her about Mrs Gladrags beauty pageant. She wanted to participate even if it meant being married again; maybe it was a yearning for respectability or some sort of validation. Her ex-husband agreed and they had a secret second wedding but continued to lead different lives. A strange friendship ensued; they even married off their daughters together. Had the divorce cured the rift?

She was the only grandmom to participate in the beauty pageant, and winning the Mrs Courage title proved to be a life-changing experience. She made a career as a boutique owner and became more spiritually aware of herself.

Mala with her five grandchildren

But life was not exactly kind. Three months after her second daughter’s marriage, her husband committed suicide due to financial strain, which Mala was unaware of. In 2006, her life came to a standstill once again. His family blamed her. She shares, “I lost everything, my husband, all the money and societal respect. My mother went through depression. But I rose above it all.”

To her relief, her husband’s suicide note stated the entire truth, thus absolving her of any responsibility, and ensuring she had a right to the house. Now left with a home full of women, Mala felt life had come full circle, her mother’s story ran before her eyes, but only this time she resolved to do it differently, the best she could.

Mala conducts Grow Younger workshops for women above the age of 40

She ran her first marathon when she was 47 and continues to run the five km race today. She studied yoga and first aid. At 50, she climbed Kalsubai Peak in the Western Ghats. She also helped others while she discovered more for herself.

A believer in ageless living, she runs a nonprofit called Grow Younger, which encourages midlife women to lead healthier and stronger lives. If anyone says to her, “Age catches up,” Mala replies, “Why not stay ahead of it?”

First published in eShe’s March 2020 issue

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34 comments on “Who Says Struggles Make You Age Faster? This 60-Year-Old Is Growing Younger!

  1. Meena Singh

    Highly inspiring spirit..Go xhine always..Love n hugs to this inspiring soul..


  2. I am very much happy & proud of you doing such a great achievements God bless


  3. Poised and elegante. MALA MANSUKHANI
    Her book is refreshing and charming and shows a very natural and effective way to foray into the sixties
    She reinforces that age is just a number .. one can reverse the process by positive thinking and holistic lifestyle


  4. Tough & Versatile Women


  5. Kamaljit Bawa

    Mala, u r inspiration to many young And people In 50’s, 60’s. U make life charming and colourful.

    Always like you and your posts.

    Stay young for ever


  6. Tanu Patel

    Hi Mala anuty I’m so proud of you the way you have lived your life. You are a very strong woman. This article is amazing. I just hope I too will be strong like you. You inspire me and so many others 💗 Lots of love and all the best.


  7. What a beautiful story of a complete woman… strong, self-sufficient, sensitive and successful. Hats off.


  8. Ektaa Rupani

    Truly brilliant and inspiring 👏👏beautifully penned too !! Way to go !!


  9. Ektaa Rupani

    Truly brilliant and inspiring 👏👏beautifully penned too !! Way to go !!


  10. Manhar Paradia

    Very inspiring story of her style of living. She is inspiring lady to many who lost courage to live or under depression. Unless you divert your mind in positive activities, you will not able to live happily. Be happy, be young, laugh and cheer your self and the world.
    Thanks Malaji for writing such a book.


  11. Mala is a magical in every way and I have learned many things from her..she has inspired me and many others..charming and loving personality and her work towards seniors are awesome. Keep rocking


  12. prakash vaswani

    Courage n Grace is not a combination all can boast of…Mala…you have nurtured it… through yoour struggles and tears with grit and determination to rise above situations that destiny and time threw at you.
    You have shown time..that you too can be defeated and made destiny feel uncertain.
    You are an inspiration..yes..but I rank you as a fine human being.
    Your book is just the prologue..of the great books that shall follow.
    In today’s lingo..MALA..YOU ROCK


    • Thank you Prakash for your kind words and wishes. With God’s grace, I will inspire lot of people through my books and work. 🙏


  13. Rakhee Thadani

    Mala, through all your life’s challenges ( and god knows there have been many!) you have persevered with great deal of grace and dignity shining your love and light on those around you. Just like mum! She would be so proud of you. I feel blessed to have you as my sister and my friend. You are a truly beautiful soul. Keep doing what your doing. It looks good on you. A big hug from me.


    • Love you Rakhee my beautiful Sister & Soul mate friend , my strength my inspiration 😍 stay blessed 🤗🙏


  14. Hiroo Thadani

    Mala , My interaction with has been recent , at the outset I must say she is Human and very genuine person , apart being Graceful and warm.
    She is full of fun , Simple , next Door Girl like , love to be friend’s with her ,
    I wish Her to remain young and happy , and should succeeds in all her missions , loves HIROO


    • Thank you Hiroo for your wishes . Gratitude for l am truly blessed with beautiful souls around me 👍🙏


  15. Shobhaa m arya

    Mala really u r a true inspiration to many .however I not only look young in age but u r same at heart as well .god u loads


  16. Sara Khan

    An inspiring story to learn from & well penned .


  17. Pradeep Gidwani

    Mala what ever has been said in this article I 100 percent vouch for it Its so so true your efforts for all that you have done is truly remarkable and you definately deserve this coverage that we have all read tday I wish you all the very best for all your future assigments and projects that you have taken up in the near future.Stay blessed Hamesha
    Prafeep Gidwani


  18. Absolutely wonderful ,what your doing .
    Keep people happy and motivated especially the seniors who are so motivated by you.


  19. Rinkoo tulsian shroff

    She is a woman of substance who can inspires anyone through her life journey.she is a mentor to me and i trust her blindly. High regards n reverence


  20. She has a journey to inspire from , her passion and compassion for seniors is contagious and beautiful 👍


    • Anonymous

      I am truly blessed to have lovely people around me gratitude love you Gemini 🤗😍


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