eShe is an independent women’s magazine and blog based in India and Canada that celebrates the extraordinary stories of women around the world.

The Magazine

eShe is a monthly magazine that’s available to download or read online on eShe.in, Issuu and Magzter. With ideas, inspiration and an intimate look at the world through ‘the female gaze’, eShe has touched the lives of millions of women and men worldwide since its launch in July 2017.

Many of our articles are syndicated to Money Control every weekend. We have also syndicated to CNBCTV18, News 18 and Azhimukham in the past.

The magazine has been media partner for Women Economic Forum. It has been ranked 25 among the top women’s magazines in the world by content aggregator Feedspot.

The Vision

eShe is committed to the idea of being the change we wish to see in the world. When we invest in each individual’s personal growth and self-transformation, we generate positive, creative energy that has the power to transform the world.

That’s why the magazine has launched its trademarked series of personal-growth workshops for women and teenagers called Shine Your Light®. These are travelling across India and are held in groups of 30 to 40 participants. Join the Facebook group here.


Aekta Kapoor is the founder and editor of eShe magazine and the author of the spiritual memoir 100 Paths. She is a Delhi-based lifestyle journalist, editorial consultant and motivational speaker. Her articles on women’s issues, entrepreneurship and personal empowerment regularly appear in some of India’s top publications.

After a long career in fashion and lifestyle media, Aekta now focuses on gender equality, youth empowerment, social justice and personal development through her writing and mentorship.

You can see her complete professional profile on her LindedIn page. Contact her at aekta@eshe.in and tell her a lovely story about yourself.


Kaveri Jain is the quintessential business brain and has powered several startups thanks to her keen affinity with food and finance. A graduate of English literature from Hindu College, Delhi University, and a PR and advertising professional, she is a stakeholder in various Delhi and Rajasthan-based food and beverage companies.

Best of all, she is an artist in the kitchen. Follow her blog and bakery OnUrTable on Instagram for visual treats and do place an order for her heavenly brownies.

If you have a woman-led brand, write to kaveri@eshe.in for collaborations and advertising in eShe.


Manasvi Jerath handles eShe’s social media and outreach initiatives. Currently pursuing post-graduate study in visual arts in British Columbia, Canada, she has a penchant for mixed media and music.

On most days, she is to be spotted sprawled across a large table laden with charcoal, gold dust, paint and newspaper clippings. The rest of the time, she curates the most badass playlists on Spotify and counsels her BFFs on life’s greatest dilemmas.

Write to her at m@eshe.in and be prepared for a dose of sweet, smiley-filled friendliness!


An author, editor, publisher and media consultant, Kul Bhushan worked as the Business Editor for two leading newspapers in Kenya for 22 years. He also represented the International Press Institute and worked for AIR, PTI and UNI and was honoured with the Journalist of the Year Award by the Kenyan President Moi.

He was Editor and Media Consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, and later, for the UNIDO Regional Office in New Delhi where he lives now. He has written 31 books and has been an Osho disciple for over 40 years. (He was born on Women’s Day and was destined to mentor a women’s magazine, we say.)


We first met Namrata B Durgan while interviewing her for an article. A financial consultant based in Delhi who gives advice to women of all social strata on how to invest in mutual funds, this down-to-earth, lovable woman has now become our muse.

Besides sound financial advice and pragmatic business tips, she also shares her deep reservoir of motivational quotes with us every day. Every magazine needs a good-luck charm.

Contact her at namrata@mirr.co.in