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The lovely actor-author Lisa Ray is on the cover, and inside we have a special section on women behind the scenes of the film industry. Plus, you'll find some awe-inspiring personal stories of love, loss, and survival. Get your copy now!

The latest issue of eShe is here! You can now read it online or download it to your device!

EDITOR’S NOTE: No Ordinary Issue

This issue of eShe is going to production at a time when my city Delhi is seeing its worst case of mob violence ever since the 1984 anti-Sikh riots that killed thousands.

As I write this, the US president and India’s prime minister are showering one another with words of praise in the capital of India against a backdrop of people being murdered in cold blood, being denied medical assistance, ignored by police, their businesses burnt down and looted, all while mobs are incited further by political leaders.

During the day, I shut off social media as far as possible so that I can focus on my work. Then, all night, I scourge the news like an addict, have nightmares, and pray for the poor fallen souls and the ones they left behind.

It is purely my position of privilege that I can do that. That I belong to a religion, caste or class that is not under attack, and I do not have to face discrimination, intimidation and violence because of the circumstances of my birth. That I can sit here and work while some other mother or wife or daughter like me is at a funeral or searching for her loved ones in mortuaries.

I’ve said it before: Majoritarianism is unjust and inhumane. An evolved society is inclusive; it makes space for minorities and it thrives in diversity. We must correct the mistakes of history, not repeat them, if we want to move ahead.

This issue is dedicated to the women of Delhi: the ones who fight, the ones who protest, the ones who lost their loved ones, and the ones who will live with the pain of February 2020 embalmed in their hearts. May there be justice and peace.


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