“Yoga Helped Me Ace My CA Exam – and Meet My Husband!” These 3 Entries Win Our ‘Yoga Story’ Contest

A mother loses 8 kg and introduces her family to yoga. A student finds concentration and aces her exams. And another beats insomnia and binge-eating disorder. These are the yoga stories that win our "Yoga Story" contest and a health getaway to Kerala!

We asked you to share your ‘yoga story‘. A whole lot of people wrote in, but it’s these three women who came up with the most interesting responses!

Congratulations, ladies! You all win a 2N/3D stay for a couple at Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala, worth Rs 25,000!

Please contact for your prize.


Life Exam

There was a time when I was going through a lot of stress as I was not able to clear my Chartered Accountancy final exams. I decided that it would be the last time – and if I still didn’t clear it, I would drop the idea.

At the time of preparing for the finals, my grandmother suggested I go for yoga, not only for physical strength but to help me to concentrate on my studies as well. I started early morning yoga classes.

As things turned out, I was able to crack my professional exam and become CA Neha Kapoor! And, interestingly, it was at yoga class that I met my husband too!

No doubt, yoga has been very beneficial for me in my professional as well as personal life!

Neha Kapoor Chopra, 29, Delhi

Photo credit: David Kuba on Unsplash

The Only Answer

“Yoga? Isse kuch nhi hoga [nothing can come out of it]” – me a year ago. That mindset made me choose weight training and lose 11 kilos and get sore muscles, cranky joints and wrecked-up hormones as freebies.

One fine evening, I tried a yoga video and felt like my body had been starving for ages for stuff like that. I realised how challenging and interesting slowing down can be. Slowly, yoga became the reason for my

  • stronger core, better breathing and posture
  • cured insomnia and binge-eating disorder, and
  • an attitude to face any failure and hit back with optimism.

Yoga taught me to acknowledge my body’s inner intelligence and hear its whispers about what it truly needs.

That is why now I say, “Yoga se hi hoga [it can only happen with yoga]”.

Sanskriti Shukla, 18, Maihar (MP)

Anusha Kandy.jpg
Photo credit: Anusha Kandy

Mother of All Yoga

My story is about how yoga changed my mom and in turn changed the entire family.

My mom used to weigh 91 kg. She had anxiety and stress. She wanted to go out but she wouldn’t as she was overwhelmed by a lot of negative thinking and much tension.

Finally she decided to join yoga (Dharani yoga) and, within few weeks, we started to notice the changes in her. Her thoughts were positive, she became calm and composed. She started to have enthusiasm in life again. And the best part is that she lost 8 kg in six months! She now weighs 83 kg.

Yoga helped my mom regain her confidence. She is very happy and it makes us happy too. As a result, she has got my dad and I hooked to yoga as well. I now wonder why I hadn’t tried this earlier! It’s amazing and I love doing yoga. It’s my favourite fitness regime!

Anusha Kandy, 27, Bangalore

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