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10 alternative therapies and modalities to help you heal, energise and grow

Energy healing modalities, or complementary therapies, go to the root of emotional patterns, subconscious beliefs and spiritual dilemmas to help you heal blocks and live life to your fullest.

There are always parts of us that need healing. It could be health or relationship issues. Old traumas. New griefs. Financial woes. Difficult life circumstances. Internal and external blocks that stop us moving ahead in our lives. Unanswered questions. Aching regrets. Burning betrayals. Lack of love – either giving or receiving.

Energy healing modalities, or alternative therapies, work beyond the visible, physical realms of human experiences, and address emotional patterns, subconscious beliefs, and spiritual journeys. While not recommended as a substitute for allopathic medicine and medical treatments, these are meant to be used as complementary or supplementary therapies to aid the body’s own healing process.

Here are 10 popular forms of healing that are now widely available around the world, including for distance healing.

Yoga and Pranayama

Yoga is the ancient practice of wellbeing that originated in India thousands of years ago. Hindus, in fact, believe that Lord Shiva is the original yogi and inventor of the practice. The first mention of yoga goes back to the Rig Veda, and the practice was exhaustively explained in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras more than two thousand years ago.

Yoga involves movement through asanas (or poses), meditation, and breathing techniques called pranayama. The practice promotes mental and physical wellbeing by aligning the body’s chakras.

The more evident benefits of yoga and pranayama include flexibility, improved muscle strength, spine health, increased blood flow, and enhancement of one’s level of happiness.

However, when done regularly and with sincerity, yoga and pranayama can be powerful tools for spiritual aspiration and union with the divine. By balancing your chakras and harmonising you with universal energies and the healing power of nature, the subtle benefits of yoga and pranayama go far beyond the limited perception of the human mind.

Most people are drawn to yoga and pranayama due to health reasons – either to heal illness and injury, or to build immunity and strength in order to ward off diseases. But those who persist on the path discover a multitude of benefits in their lives – from mental and physical health to material abundance and sublimation of desires – as the chakras find alignment with one’s true nature and life purpose.

Inner Child Healing

Also called age-regression therapy, inner child healing is a form of psychotherapy based on the principle of the ‘child archetype’ coined by psychoanalyst Dr Carl Jung, and later developed by other psychologist and psychotherapists in the twentieth century.

Your therapist helps you regress to a younger state of mind – as far back as infancy or birth, if required – so that you arrive at the origin point of many of your issues that may be plaguing you in adulthood. Therapists can help you return to painful periods in your childhood and overcome your trauma and find healing.

Age-regression therapy allows you to access, explore and relive suppressed memories. It reverts you to a younger state of mind using hypnotherapy or other relaxation techniques or suggestions. You are able to uncover unknown aspects of your personality, and sometimes are able to recall memories from birth or infancy that you have no conscious awareness of.

The therapist then helps you overcome the grief, pain or trauma of that moment in childhood, and helps you relieve any irrational fears, pent-up emotions such as grief or guilt, addictive behaviours, and psychosomatic illnesses in your adult life.

You will find that you are able to talk about painful childhood memories with more equanimity and acceptance, and free yourself from your past.

Chakra Reading

According to the ancient science of yoga, chakras are the centres of vital life energy in the human body. There are seven major chakras along the spine, and more than a hundred smaller ones in other parts of the body and aura.  

Blocks in the flow of vital life energy in our being affects our health and external reality. Having balanced chakras – neither weak nor overactive – is essential to living a holistic, balanced life and fulfilling both our material and spiritual purpose in this existence.

Healers are often trained to read more than a hundred chakras, says Delhi-based senior pranic healer and chakra reader Anita Gandhi. Using a crystal pendulum, she gives her clients an accurate, intuitive reading to help pinpoint their problem areas, and go straight to the core issue underlying their health or life issues.

Healers can also offer you instant solutions to healing imbalanced chakras by making simple lifestyle changes.

For more serious and chronic issues, the chakra reader guides you to the best form of energy healing that suits your needs. The paths are many, the destination is the same – sat, chit, ananda.

Pranic Healing

The vital life energy that flows through all of us is called prana. The ancient Indian healing systems of yoga and Ayurveda both refer to prana, and its earliest references can be found in the Vedas and in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Pranic healing is a system of energy healing that addresses imbalances in your vital life energy. Trained healers first analyse the issue by doing a chakra reading. Next, they clear out the problematic chakra using techniques devised by the spiritual masters. Finally, they fill you up with wholesome life-affirming energy that balances out your chakra and aligns your being.

Pranic healing is used to remove energy blocks that may be restricting you from experiencing abundance and living life to your fullest. It is also used to re-energise weak vital energy and harmonise excessive energies that are at the root of mental, physical and emotional issues.

Once the flow of prana is restored in the chakra, you experience balance, alignment, and harmony in that particular aspect of your life.

Any kind of problem can be resolved using pranic healing – from health to relationships, finances, career and even business-related – for yourself and your loved ones, even at a distance.

All aspects of your life are affected by the condition of your own vital life energy. The healer is just the catalyst. Ultimately, you heal yourself.


Similar to pranic healing, Reiki is a system of energy healing in which a practitioner heals you by transferring gentle life-affirming energy through their hands over problem areas in the body. Mostly used for healing illnesses of the body and mind, Reiki aims to restore the flow of vital life energy, or ‘ki’, in your being.

This enables relaxation and helps relieve pain, anxiety and suffering. It speeds up the natural healing process of the body and reduces symptoms.

Reiki, also called palm healing, has been used in eastern civilisations for thousands of years to help alleviate physical distress and disease. In its current organised form, which has been practised for about a century, healers undergo training through a formal, international certification system. Those who reach advanced levels also practice distance healing.

Reiki techniques include centering, clearing, beaming, extracting harmful energies and infusing. Similar to pranic healing, a process of ‘smoothing’ or ‘raking’ your aura helps to balance out excessive energies and clear up blocks.

This form of healing is widely accepted across hospitals in the world as a complementary therapy alongside modern medical procedures for both short-term and long-term treatments.

Tarot Reading

Using special cards designed for the purpose, Tarot readers tap into non-human realms to come up with intuitive answers to your questions based on the cards you choose.

The tradition of card reading as a tool for divination goes back to medieval Europe. Its current form of Tarot as an oracle has been in place since the beginning of the 17th century. The cards are a symbolic map of human consciousness, and encompass our journey through both the material and spiritual aspects of life.

Tarot reading is best if you are seeking solutions for a difficult situation in life, or are feeling stuck in some area of your existence, or are facing a problem that you are unable to find a way through. Your reader will ask you to hold a clear question in your mind – the clearer your question, the more likely you are to receive a clear answer from the cards.

Used as a complementary therapy, Tarot reading can be beneficial for mental-health issues and dealing with life challenges. It supports you in your spiritual journey and helps you connect with your higher consciousness and inner wisdom. It opens dialogue and self-introspection since every card holds a different meaning for different people.

Tarot can help you face your fears and doubts, and can be used a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. The cards provide insight and direction to the deeper truth that you already know within you.

Family Constellation

Family constellation therapy is based on the principle that grief, trauma, and other extreme emotional events are not confined to individuals but can be carried through family lines over many generations.

The aim is to come into a space of awareness of feelings and perceptions, and break out of familial patterns that are at the root of your suffering. Family Constellation therapy helps you go back over a generation or more to find the cause of unresolved, long-term conflicts within yourself and your family.

Developed by psychologists and therapists in the mid-20th century, this kind of therapy usually involves four or more persons, mostly strangers, coming together to intuitively represent the family members of the person seeking therapy. The exercise targets internal stressors, conflicts within families, and generational family ideals that may have impacted your personality, thoughts and life goals.

You end up resolving many psychological issues, and offloading the baggage from your past and remnants of trauma from your family line. The exercise frees you emotionally and mentally, and often results in automatic healing of several psychosomatic physical illnesses.


ThetaHealing is a new-age healing modality that helps you get rid of limiting beliefs and live a life of positive thoughts and intentions. It is based on a technique of meditation and spiritual philosophy, and helps you uncover your deepest beliefs that are at the root of problems and illnesses in your present life. After bringing these beliefs into awareness, the healer helps you align to your highest self and create the reality you want to.

Your beliefs and emotions influence your life on various planes – from the genetic to the soul level. The healer relaxes you into a deep state, tapping into your theta brainwave. Through the process, you learn how to ease mental, physical and emotional stresses, and also learn to build your own reality with the power of positive intention.

Scientists have found that the theta frequency – which is also the state we reach during deep meditation, yoga nidra, or hypnosis – helps us lower anxiety, and enhance calmness, mental clarity, creativity and a sense of bliss.

This kind of healing is often used to cure addictions, phobias, trauma, and many kinds of physical ailments. ThetaHealing strengthens your spiritual connection to your personal god, makes you more confident, unlocks abundance, and helps you manifest your dreams and goals. It is often used to find one’s soulmate or perfect career, and unlock one’s genius potential.

Access Consciousness

A new-age thought movement originating in the US in the nineties and now being practised in over a hundred countries, Access Consciousness aims to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged.

The healing is done through a process of running Bars, a non-invasive energy modality that uses a set of 32 points on the head. By lightly touching these points, the healer is able to stimulate positive changes in your brain, release physical and mental blocks stored in your body, and help facilitate greater ease in all different areas of your life.

Besides the Bars process, Access practitioners also use clearings as tools to challenge your ingrained beliefs and encourage you to ask yourself, “How does it get better than this?”

Access Consciousness is useful as a behavioural technique to help you deal with difficult life situations and gain more self-awareness. It can be used as a complementary therapy for easing anxiety, depression and other mental-health issues, and also to combat day-to-day life issues, workplace stress, relationship drama, and financial blocks.

It helps you move away from a polarised way of thinking and seeing experiences as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and instead changes your approach to life and makes you more open-minded, proactive and fearless in creating your own reality.

Past-Life Regression

Past-life regression is rooted in the eastern philosophies of rebirth and the eternal cycle of life and death. This form of therapy found popularity in the West in the eighties and nineties after psychologists, neuroscientists and therapists began to intuitively perceive how the baggage of our past lives often creates issues in our present one.

Past-life regression is done by certified therapists who guide you into a deep meditative state and help you explore some of the past lives your soul has lived through. It is an intimate journey of discovery and you may find yourself in surprising situations in an unexpected identity you would have never imagined in your conscious state.

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool for healing. With your therapist’s help, you will be able to arrive on intuitive truths about yourself and your relationships. Many parts of an internal jigsaw puzzle will fall in place, and you will understand the reason why you or others act the way they do. It can help you resolve major relationship conflicts, give up limiting beliefs, develop empathy, and also ease health troubles.

Awareness brings understanding, and healing takes place when you shine the light of compassion on yourself and others.

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