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An Energy Healer’s Secrets to Self-Growth and How Women Can Awaken to Their Power

Energy healer and life coach Riitu S Bahri believes women need to acknowledge and leverage their inherent creative power.

Riitu S Bahri was only 18 years old when she found her guru and realised she had intuitive and clairvoyant sensibilities. Born and raised in Delhi, she moved to Bengaluru after marriage, and settled there to raise two sons. More than two decades ago, she consciously chose ‘healing’ as her path in life, and now encourages and teaches personal empowerment through energy awareness, experiential insight and energetic growth.

We speak to the gentle healer about her path and finding one’s true purpose.

What started you on your path?

I began my journey in 1995 venturing into Reiki healing and within a short span of time chose healing as my life’s purpose. I completed my mastership in Reiki, and also equipped myself in EFT (emotional freedom technique), the Journey healing process, chakra healing and balancing. In recent years I have pursued Access Consciousness and am an international Access Bars Facilitator.

Riitu S BahriHow can we empower ourselves to take courageous decisions when life demands it of us? 

To empower ourselves is to be in the ‘question’ all the time. The fact that we are infinite beings is always greater than the problems we face. What if we focus on the possibilities rather than the problems? We need to ask ourselves simple questions like, ‘What else is possible here?’ or ‘What do I know here? Can I change this?’

By being in the questions, we are focusing on our infinite potential than on the limitations of our mind. By being in the questions, there is always an open invitation to possibilities, which take care of all the situations as and when life demands.

Do you agree that empowerment happens within but we sometimes need a catalyst to start the process?

Yes, we do need a catalyst to start the process. When someone is in a dire situation, they are unable to have a 360-degree view of all the information that is available for them to use to their advantage to come out of the situation smoothly. Here comes the role of a mentor or life coach who has the wisdom to take the person to their inward journey of self-exploration and be the highest version of themselves.

Ritu BahriHow do energy workers help heal and empower people?

Energy workers don’t heal and empower people. They are just a channel of the higher energies to flow through them for people to heal and empower themselves. They are there for people with 100 percent commitment and presence to bring the change they are asking for. No healing and empowerment can happen until one is willing to receive.

I feel blessed to have chosen this career. It gives me the utmost pleasure to see ‘cannot’ changing into ‘can’ in people’s lives.

What do women need to know about self-empowerment, especially Indian women?

Women are the creation energies of this universe, yet they do not make the choice themselves. They end up being the effect of this reality rather than being the creator of their own life.

Indian women are a powerhouse, as our mythology puts it, of the Goddess Durga. Now is the time for Indian women to claim their power as infinite beings. Every day, commit to your being. Do something that brings your childlike enthusiasm alive, learn something new, acknowledge your greatness, don’t look for validation, have people around who uplift your soul, choose something good for yourself every day.

Step up, be the imperfectly perfect you. If you are happy and alive, that is the greatest contribution for others. Love yourself, and life will love you.

For more, visit Wellness Exclusive. First published in eShe’s November 2019 issue

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