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This Technique Employs the Body’s Own Healing Mechanism to Release Stress and Trauma

UK-based yoga teacher and author Caroline Purvey helps people heal from stress and trauma using the body’s own powerful healing mechanism.

By Kay Newton

Everyone has a story related to stress or trauma; it is a modern-day epidemic. More so now, as the world battles to deal with Covid-19 causing mental health to spiral out of control. As external circumstances increase internal stress levels, life has become harder for everyone.

The current method to heal is from the outside. But did you know you can heal from the inside out? That you can naturally release the tension stored from your body without medication, intervention, or even the need to talk?

There is a simple solution, says Caroline Purvey, author of Feel It to Heal It and yoga teacher based in Kent, UK. She has developed a five-step programme that she calls the Total Release Experience (TRE), which is a powerful, empowering, simple practice without restrictions of age, race, religion, beliefs, even physical abilities.

Every human being holds the ultimate innate solution to heal from their past and build resilience for their future. All you have to do is to let your body do the talking.

As Caroline says, “Our physical body has the power to heal on all levels. I first learned this technique in South Africa nine years ago. I am proud to have evolved it into the programme it is today. Everything we teach, our message and deliverance, is based on client experiences, the thousands who have all taken back control of their wellbeing.”

How does TRE work? The body’s reptilian brain is responsible for automatic mechanisms, which include the two fundamental functions of breath and blood circulation via the heart. Our very survival depends on both systems. However, little thought is given to the processes because they happen naturally.

There is a third neglected and forgotten reptilian brain function: the power to tremor after a stressful or traumatic event. Unfortunately, as humans have become social animals, this natural function has been suppressed.

TRE enables activation of this process so that deep healing can start. Unlike most other modalities, it does not rely upon the conscious control of your body or brain. It activates an involuntary shaking of the psoas muscle.

Caroline explains, “Your psoas muscle connects the upper body to your lower body. It connects to the diaphragm and sits behind your organs, extending down to the pelvis, connecting to the femur. The psoas is also your fight-flight centre, and it is where you hold your fears and emotions. It also impacts breathing.”

Every stressful or traumatic experience from birth builds tension in your muscle memory, storing adrenaline and cortisol. Using the TRE process naturally releases from the body what is held and undischarged. If you do not let go of the impact of past stress, overwhelm and trauma, the body kicks back and physical, mental, and emotional problems start to escalate. Stress is a silent killer.

On a personal level doing the practice for herself, Caroline sailed through menopause. “When you go through menopause, the body systems become out of kilter, which impacts the nervous system and the mind. As a yoga teacher doing my practice and TRE, my body was so aligned that I did not notice until I was into my late 50s. My menopause phase was very short. It would not be so without my ‘releasing’. I maintain optimum health and energy with regular practice.”

Caroline works with individuals from all walks of life and her programme has also been adopted by the military, service sector, schools and prisons. “They share significant changes: from better sleep to feeling calmer and more peaceful; the healing of their back, shoulder, or neck pains and any other physical, mental or emotional pain that has been holding them back. Stress and tension, released from the body, is gone forever. They feel more empowered, happier and reignite their passion for their work and life,” says Caroline.

She goes on: “The release process is like peeling an onion; layers of tension in your body muscle memory can go back years. From the first session, layer by layer, the healing begins.” And it is not only your personal back story; genes hold onto three generations of stress, through the mother’s womb.

Caroline adds, “When you begin to understand the lives of those who have done you harm, you have more compassion. You begin to question the abuse that happened to them: ‘if they did that to me, what happened to them’? It is only in forgiveness that one can find a deep heartfelt love.”

Find Caroline on TREUK.com

First published in eShe’s February 2021 issue

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