Read the February 2021 Issue of eShe Magazine

eShe is all about building bridges this month! On the cover is award-winning filmmaker Mehreen Jabbar, and inside are amazing stories of peacebuilding, courage, resilience and hope. Start reading!

The latest issue of eShe is here! You can read it online on Issuu or Magzter, or download it to your device:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Building Bridges

One can argue that chasms have always existed in our society. That differences have always led to conflict and even war. That disunity between communities, religions, linguistic regions and fiefdoms has been more the norm in South Asia than unity and solidarity.

I’d argue, however, that this is the nature of patriarchy and toxic masculinity that seeks to dominate and rule (women co-opt into this system too). That, to evolve as a race and as a people, we need to balance it out with more feminine energy and qualities of care, regeneration and inclusivity.

That is why eShe is on a quest to bring together women of this region and to generate ideas and solutions for a grassroots movement towards peace in South Asia. This not only means an end to unnecessary conflict and war, but is also a necessary long-term solution for growth and development in this region. Since our male-dominated political establishment could not – or would not – do it, can we do it through ‘soft power’, through our shared heritage, culture, arts, design, education, literature and cinema? Can we at least talk about it? Dialogue is the key that unlocks the door to peace.

eShe’s Indo-Pak Peace Summit Led by Women was the first step. Next is our South Asia Union Summit Led by Women coming up this summer. There is much work to be done. Join us and be on the right side of history.

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