An Italian Chef Shares a Recipe for Lentil Crepes You’ll Love

Sevilla — the Italian restaurant at the Claridges, Delhi — has a visitor from Rome these days, Chef Pierluigi Gallo, who brings with him traditional ways of cooking native Roman dishes.

Not only is he very charming to chat with, he is also very passionate about the oeuvre of dishes he has concocted for Sevilla’s special Roman Cuisine Festival, which is on until August 29, 2018.


The menu includes Braised Lamb Chop with chickpea mayonnaise and potato mille-feuille; Chilean Sea Bass with spinach, fried alioli sauce and sour cherry yogurt; Duck Breast glazed with apple and onion extract, almond ice cream and sour broccoli; and Lobster Croquettes with pea sauce, ice-cold watermelon and roast potatoes.

We cajoled Chef Pierluigi to share a vegetarian recipe from the menu that would tickle the taste-buds of our Indian readers. Lentils is what came up! Check out his secret recipe (and if it’s too exotic to try at home, head over to Sevilla and just order it!):

Puy Lentil Crespelle

Ingredients (serves 4):

400 gm green lentil
150 gm carrot small dices
150 gm potato small dices
10 leaf basil
2 sprigs of thyme
100 gm onion, chopped
50 gm garlic
Salt to taste
1 tsp pepper
100 gm sundried tomato
30 ml truffle oil

For crepes:

100 gm refined flour
100 gm corn flour
1 gm saffron
Salt and pepper

For the cheese sauce:

100 gm cooking cream
50 gm Cheddar cheese
50 gm Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper

Instructions for crepes batter:

  1. Put the refined flour and corn flour in a bowl. Add salt and pepper, saffron, seasoning and some water. Make a thin batter.
  2. Take a nonstick pan, put the batter and make a thin crespelle.

Instructions for cheese sauce:

Boil the cream, add the cheese and mix it together. Make a smooth puree and strain it.

Instructions for green lentil mixture:

  1. Overnight soak lentils in water after washing, and then boil.
  2. Take a pan and put some oil. Add the onion and garlic and when they become translucent, put the potatoes, carrots, sundried tomatoes and green lentils. Add the seasoning and truffle oil along with basil and thyme.
  3. After that, take a crespelle and stuff the green lentil mixture and make a roll. Put it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.
  4. Serve it hot with cheese sauce, chunky tomato sauce and sautéed vegetables.