eShe is a blog and magazine for women published by Coral Content based in India and Canada. The monthly magazine – which is available in print and digital editions – celebrates the extraordinary stories of women around us, and is an exploration of our shared humanity. View all issues here.

eShe is the internet-oriented English way of writing इशी – which is another name for Goddess Durga. Headed by lifestyle journalist Aekta Kapoor, eShe looks at the world through ‘the female gaze’, and through the lives of its women, their joys and challenges.

The idea is to create a quieter, more meaningful kind of media, which highlights the courage and resilience of Indian women, the unsung heroes among us.

8-issues-bannerThere’s a mother of an autistic child, who has to prepare him for a week before taking him for a haircut. There’s a hearing-impaired public-sector employee whose mother is murdered. There’s a 59-year-old who leaves her life in Sweden and is on a two-year backpacking journey around the world all by herself. There’s a homemaker who donates her eggs to help her friend have a baby. There’s a 61-year-old grandmother with arthritis who goes paragliding for the first time. There’s India’s first woman CFO of a NASDAQ-listed firm who gives up her job to be with her ailing father.

An 80-year-old recounts her memories of Partition. A techie loses her sight and finds her life’s deeper calling in music.

These are stories that would not find their way to mainstream media. These are stories that need to be told in these divisive times, so that we are reminded of our common humanity, so that we put differences aside and focus on what unites us.

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