Read the July 2019 Anniversary Issue of eShe Magazine

It's our 2nd anniversary and we're all poetic and inspired this month, with India's greatest living poetess Arundhathi Subramaniam on the cover, and global gurus Kass Thomas, Allana Pratt, and many more women doing amazing things!

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Editor’s Note

It’s been two years since eShe launched its first issue, two years made up of thousands of single moments of passion and purpose. Two years of fighting doubt and despair with a seeker’s faith and a warrior’s determination. Two years of learning to own my limited resources and two years of being blessed by the universe with resources from around the world.

One single quote by journalist Jim Watkins has driven me for two years despite the mountains in my path: “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”

Angels were sent to help me along. Today I bow in gratitude for your two years of consistent support: Kaveri Jain, Kay Newton, Nyamat Bindra, Ananya Jain, Neha Kirpal, Maya Lalchandani and every single contributor who has shared their time and talents with eShe. I also thank the numerous well-wishers, muses and mentors whose eyes light up when they speak of eShe and whose belief in me has buoyed my ride.

Am I being poetic? Perhaps it’s all the poetry in the air, with the international award-winning poet Arundhathi Subramaniam on the cover, and four more noted poets inside. Am I sounding inspired? It’s because of interacting with global gurus Kass Thomas and Allana Pratt, who lit me up. Is this love? If it isn’t, what is?

Happy anniversary, my beloveds.

5 comments on “Read the July 2019 Anniversary Issue of eShe Magazine

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Aekta, Congratulations on your determination through what has clearly been a challenging journey! There was an instant warmth and ease about our exchange that I enjoyed very much indeed. More power to your pen, and may the ride ahead be a joyous one!


  2. Hello my dear and congratulations. It’s been such a pleasure being interviewed by you and perceiving your delightful energy. Here’s to many more years of magical creation and journalistic excellence.


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