10 Beauty Tricks for Busy New Moms

Nothing de-glamorises you like #momlife. So here are some quick and easy tips you need to know if you have a little one taking up most of your waking hours. Who said looking good takes a lot of time, asks Hansa Makhijani Jain.

By Hansa Makhijani Jain

For the life of me, I cannot remember the last time I wore nail paint or had the time to do up my lashes with sweeps of mascara. Even getting a mani-pedi done feels like you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb (Oh my God! What if the baby needs me?). So here are a few tricks I’ve learnt post-childbirth – and they will probably apply to all mothers of young kids.

Invest in the best hand cream you can afford
Those hard workers are going to be working a lot harder with diaper changes and spit-up emergencies. And luxurious manicures will not be on the cards. So treat your hands to some nourishing hand cream after each wash. You can also try an express manicure – wash your hands, use a scrub to slough off dead cells and slather on some warm oil (sesame, jojoba or olive).

Go kiss-proof
Because it is a pain to get lipstick stains off baby clothes. And babies do manage to get your lipstick on them somehow. Try lip tints or one of those 24-hour-stay-on lip colours.

Befriend the kohl pencil
There’s just something about lining your eyes that makes you feel complete. Added bonus: it’s pretty darn quick and easy. Line your eyes to hide lack of sleep and look groomed.

Do everything in one go
When baby has been sent to the land of nod, do everything you need to do in the bathroom all at once. From brushing your teeth to bathing and blow drying your mane.

Opt for multi-tasking products
A tinted moisturiser with SPF, an oil-based body scrub, lip-and-cheek stain, conditioning shampoo, all-purpose balms and salves… all save you a lot of time.

Dry shampoos are a godsend!
In your baby’s newborn stage you will have loads of time as they nap for a lot of hours. But around the six-month mark those naps will get shorter and shorter. Long hot showers will feel like a luxury and that’s when dry shampoos are a saviour!

Stash a glam-up kit in the diaper bag
For many women, the diaper bag replaces the hand bag once baby comes along. Apart from the essentials like keys, wallets and sunglasses, stash a small toiletries bag in your baby’s diaper bag. Ideally it should contain your favourite transfer-resist lipstick, kohl, blotting paper and a mini comb – or  whatever works to make you feel gorgeous!

Keep your hair off your face
Anyone with kids will tell you that babies derive great pleasure out of grabbing your hair. And with postpartum hair loss, you can’t afford to lose any more of your precious strands. So get your hair chopped or roll them up into a top knot or bun. Don’t worry about neatness, messy buns are in.

No time for hair colour?
Cover greys with mascara or eye shadow. Works great for those tell-all roots.

Fake a good night’s sleep with a cold compress
When baby is teething or sick and giving you sleepless nights, try a cold compress to stimulate your skin. It will give you a healthy glow and boost blood supply to your skin. Follow it up with serum and an illuminating or tinted moisturiser. You’re welcome.

Lead image: Pixabay. First published in the February 2018 issue of eShe magazine.

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