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A Woman’s Search for Meaning: This Feng Shui Healer Is Driving Across Europe Seeking Stories

Slovakian transformational guide and web show host Slavomira Harcegova is driving across Europe in search of inspirational stories

By Kay Newton

Slovakian Feng Shui healer and web show host Slavomira Harcegova is still in the process of discovering who she is. Having achieved all her childhood dreams 10 years ago at the age of 40, she still felt a complete failure.

“I had a big house in a beautiful natural environment, three children and even a horse in the garden!” she shares. “Yet, I felt burned out. I kept asking, is life supposed to be only a never-ending to-do list?”

Slavomira was not unhappy or depressed. “Yet when I took away all my roles, who was I? A respectful member of society, with a University degree, married, children, home and running the perfect business. Yet behind all that, what is the meaning of life? Where were the fun and adventure?”

Looking back to her teens, she recalled that she had been so joyful, full of positive energy, and had fun all the time. “I missed the girl I was. It was time to find my purpose and get the girl back,” she says.

Slavomira looked for answers, studied books and went to esoteric seminars. She watched others have epiphanies but felt nothing.

Slavomira Harcegova

She narrates, “One day, while browsing the computer for an English language course for my daughter, I froze. The emotions came from nowhere. Tears dropped onto the keyboards. The images of Italy on the screen stirred such a deep and strong desire. At last, I knew what it meant to feel connected to my soul.”

There was no hesitation, no feeling of guilt in Slavomira. “I had to travel, no matter the cost. I sold my personal belongings, left my three children with my husband and went to Florence for two weeks. For the first time in 18 years of marriage, I understood freedom. I got out of bed when I wanted, walked through the city and allowed myself to just be.”

She felt alive at last. “I understood that I no longer needed to sacrifice myself, hide my soul, or put myself on the backburner. I did not need to be the perfect wife and mother, and to take care of others constantly.”

Upon returning home, Slavomira connected to her newfound deep soul feelings and allowed herself to follow joy. She picked up Feng Shui again and began to help clients. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China and uses energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment.

Slavomira says, “I realised that just moving bedroom furniture to resolve a relationship issue was not enough. In effect, it is necessary to ‘Feng Shui’ a person’s mindset also. When you create your life, you need to do it on three levels. Firstly, your level of intention or vision, what you believe is possible, a connection to your desire. Secondly, your level of action, to make a plan and do the steps with consistency. Thirdly, your source of energy, which comes from your environment and mindset.”

Slavomira’s Italian experience made her realise that travelling is the perfect way to find out more about yourself. “Different situations, new faces and conversations facilitate a discovery of hidden parts of yourself,” she asserts.
Slavomira hired a campervan at first and then bought one.

“It is possible to travel and stay isolated. We have travelled across our country, deep into nature. There is very little space in the van. I have to pack intentionally. To get a good night’s sleep, I Feng Shui the direction of the campervan.”

As she journeyed, she became fascinated about other people’s stories. “It led me to the next adventure: recording interviews so that the message can inspire listeners worldwide.”

Slavomira now makes a variety of videos. Some demonstrate the most practical and relevant aspects of Feng Shui. “These show you how to harmonise your environment using simple and easy methods. Also, because I know that I am not an expert in every mindset method, I ask professionals to fill in the gap,” she says.

Slavomira will be travelling this summer in her campervan through Europe, particularly Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and Netherlands (depending on Covid-19 restrictions). She will be interviewing along the way. Perhaps you will be one of her guests.

Slavomira has profound insights to share: “If you are feeling stuck, unhappy, or out of kilter, change something in your home. As you grow personally, your environment will need to change to fit your new personality. If not, you will stagnate. You can also change your environment first. Bring fresh air and new energy into your home with colours of pieces of furniture. Ask ‘what do I need to change in my environment to support my vision?’”

She also believes that travelling on the road is a symbol of life. “It is a journey in which we choose how to proceed. Everyone can always find more joy, ease, happiness and freedom. There is always a path – keep your eyes open.”

Visit: ArsVivendi.tv/videos/

First published in eShe’s May-June 2021 issue

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