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Our world needs a new kind of leadership, one led by empathy and feminine intelligence. Industrialist Dipali Goenka is eShe's cover personality this summer, and inside you'll find stories of inspiration, hope and healing. Start reading!

The latest issue of eShe is here!

Due to organisational and logistic challenges caused by the unprecedented Covid crisis in India, we have clubbed our May and June 2021 issues into one. You can read the combined issue online on Issuu or Magzter, or download it to your device:


No one in India is at present immune from the second wave of Covid that has struck us with monstrous, unforgiving vehemence. Whether battling the virus ourselves or caregiving for loved ones at a time when everything is in short supply – from doctors, oxygen, medicines, hospital beds to even RTPCR tests – this wave has tested the best of us in unimaginable ways.

Some cope through prayer or by service to others. Some get lost in a labyrinth of helplessness. Some misuse people’s desperation to make a profit.

But more than anyone else, the pandemic has put India’s leaders – political, social, business and community leaders – to the ultimate test. This is a time for decisive leadership based on wisdom, empathy, and informed judgement.

While some of our leaders have fallen pathetically low on all counts, there are others who have shown up and been a beacon of hope for their people and communities.

Cover personality Dipali Goenka, CEO and joint MD of Welspun India, exemplifies this kind of leadership (p.16). Not only has she protected her employees and the communities their industries are located in, she has ably steered her ship through the most difficult of storms in 2020-21.

As founder of the FemmeQ movement Karen Downes (p.44) says, it is time for a new paradigm of leadership, powered by feminine intelligence.

Women must rise. Our broken world needs us.

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