Read the May 2020 Issue of eShe Magazine

May is Mental Health Month worldwide, and with coronavirus and lockdowns taking a toll on lives and enterprises, TV personality and humanitarian Meera Gandhi has a message of hope for all. Plus, features of doers and truth-seekers inside!

The latest issue of eShe is here! You can now read it online or download it to your device!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mental Wellbeing

As people around the world, from USA to Spain to India, deal with a pandemic and lockdown that has gone on for several weeks in many countries, it is not just the economy that is taking a beating. Humans are being forced to rewire conditioned ways of thinking and behaviour, and to relook at their life and lifestyle. This, along with the restrictions on freedom, movement and human bonding, is taking its toll on our mental health too.

While some may say this is no time for cheery words like positivity or joy, and that we can only face the situation with acceptance and stoicism, I do believe that the defining quality of humanity – the one that keeps us going, and the one that has brought us this far – is hope. Without hope, why would one even wake up every morning?

While the universe is definitely giving us an opportunity to learn lessons in coexistence with each other and the planet, it hasn’t – yet – given us a reason to abandon hope. On the contrary, there is more evidence than ever that the birds will chirp, the sun will shine and the sky will sparkle blue every single day, no matter what our mental status.

This May, marked worldwide as Mental Health Month, cover personality Meera Gandhi, New York-based television personality and founder of The Giving Back Foundation, urges us to be truly present in every moment of our lives, and to choose hope (p.22). Take her word for it.

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