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10 Ways to Make 2020 Awesome (Without New Year’s Resolutions)

There’s no point making New Year’s resolutions that you will break within days! Here’s how to make the next decade great without resolutions.

By Kay Newton

January 2020 is the perfect month to reflect on what you want to achieve in the coming 12 months and beyond.

Setting the right intentions and habits will make this year the best of your life so far. All you require is time and a small exercise book in which to write. Reading this notebook on a daily basis will keep you on track and change your life over the coming year. 

Before you begin, write down, “You are the only person you will ever spend your whole life with.” Many people are excellent at supporting others, yet not so good at spending time alone working on their thoughts and feelings. Yet this is where the magic lies: if you want to change your life, it begins inside.

Here are 10 ideas for 2020.

Do the basics

Start every morning with a simple routine, breathe deeply and stretch like a cat. Keep to the basics as you go through the day: drink enough water, eat as healthy as you can, watch what you say to yourself, surround yourself with those who inspire you and help you grow, and be grateful for everything you have in your life. Writing your daily list in your notebook is a daily reminder is to keep yourself on track.

Connect to nature

Living a busy city life means we may lose sight of the fact that we are interconnected with nature on all levels. Connect to nature in some way every day, whether it is to feel sunrays upon your face for a few minutes or to watch an ant going about its business. Spend some time reflecting on nature’s beauty and how everything works in synchronicity. This is the way for you to live your life, in the flow, synchronised with nature.

Utilise the seasons and months

Plan the things you do within the year according to seasons. For example, winter is a fabulous time to plant seeds (ideas) and nurture them under the ground to reflect and rest, whilst summer is a time of fire to act upon and accomplish your plans. These 90 day seasonal cycles are the perfect way to focus on new goals and nurture them to fruition.

We also have the monthly lunar cycles which can be used as a ritual space to clear out the things you do not want in your life, both mental and physical. When we clear space, we allow the new to arrive.

Meditate daily

Connect to your higher self through meditation. Simple meditations are always the best! Use your meditation time to find the ‘nothing’ spot or to ask a burning question that you are seeking an answer to. Ask your higher self to share wisdom with you that will support your health, prosperity and mission with your best interest at heart. Be specific in what you ask for and then become open to receiving the answer. Wait patiently for the answer.


You could write down three things you are grateful for each day or perhaps you prefer to ‘verbally vomit’ your thoughts onto paper without care for sentence structure or punctuation! Either way, jotting down your thoughts helps you decide whether you wish to keep them or change them.

Know and live to your values

When clients come to me, the first question I ask is, what are your top three values? This is a dictionary meaning of values: Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life. Values are the stardust you were born with. They are unique to you and when you use them in everything you do and say, you connect your head to your heart, and are able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with total confidence or follow what truly makes you happy.

Your rites of passage

Every experience we have in life has a gift to offer no matter how hard it may seem at the time. These gifts or experiences make you who you are today and they offer you skills that are unique to you. Making a history list of your rites of passage allows you to tap into these skills whenever you are about to do something new. Without a list it is so easy to forget where you have come from and what you already know.

Know your why

Knowing the reason why you get up every morning is the only way to get out of a bed with a smile. Reasons vary and this is perfectly alright. Check in with yourself on a daily basis and change your why as and when you need to.

Make a rulebook

This helps you stay true to yourself. Reading these rules daily – for example, the time you will get out of bed each day, what exercise routine you will have, who you will speak to – allows your subconscious mind to notify you when you are off-track. (Note: This is one of the best kept secrets for losing weight!)


Create a daily affirmation or visualisation for one particular event you want to happen in your life and then spend time each morning chanting or picturing what you want to create as if it has already happened. Your brain does not know whether what you are imagining is true or false; the more you practice the more you will change your reality. Do this until you create the reality you want and then move onto the next affirmation or visualisation.

Look at your book daily and watch how life changes around you. Let me know how you are getting on at

Lead photo: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay. First published in eShe’s January 2020 issue

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