From School Principal to Beauty Queen, the Surprising Journey of Neha Lal

Neha Lal, a mother of three and a school-teacher and principal for over 15 years, had a radical transformation and made it to the Mrs India Legacy this year.

By Neha Kirpal

A mother of three and an educator for over 15 years, Neha Lal underwent a personality makeover of sorts, shed weight, and this year was crowned first runner-up at the Mrs. India Legacy 2019 beauty pageant. Voted the ‘most active participant’ in the pageant, the fashionista is now out to inspire other women to live to their fullest potential, and to follow their dreams.

A post-graduate from Delhi University, Neha, who is brand ambassador of Shakti Film Productions and shuttles between Lucknow and Delhi, has played full-time mom to her three kids, aged 18, 13 and 9, along with a long career as school teacher and principal. Apart from that, she works on several social causes that relate with women’s health and child education, and recently distributed free menstrual hygiene kits in the slums of Lucknow through the Ladli Foundation.

We spoke to her about the experience of participating in the pageant, her personal weight-loss tips and her future plans.

Neha Lal Mrs. India Legacy picture

Tell us about the experience of participating in this pageant. How did you prepare for it, and have you done this before?

My experience as a contestant in Mrs India Legacy was wonderful, very rewarding and life-changing. Well, I planned for this pageant, taking care of my skin and fitness, as I felt that I was laidback after two decades of marriage. I pledged and started a strenuous daily fitness regime and chalked a schedule for a nutritious healthy disciplined diet and daily routine.

You see, after years of being in a family, one gets used to a certain lifestyle and more importantly, members of the family get used to seeing you in a particular way. It then becomes even more important to continue winning everyone’s love and support while walking towards your newly unleashed dreams. And yeah, it was my first time participating in a pageant like this one.

Neha Lal

You used to be overweight at one time. How did you lose weight? Please share some weight-loss tips for our readers.

Yes, I was overweight but more than that, I feel it was sudden awareness towards a lackadaisical lifestyle that motivated me. As a mother of three, my belly and legs required toning up. Along with giving time to my family, I began giving preference to my ‘me-time’.

I chalked out a plan with a mix of cardio and weights exercises, alternating between both on an everyday basis. I changed my course of eating and became a conscious eater. Nutritious eating and regular exercise went a long way to reinvent the Neha in me. Some of my failsafe mantras are:

Self belief: What you believe is what you can achieve.

Plan your diet and eating habits: When hungry, grab a healthy bowl of quinoa or chicken salad or nuts and fruits rather than junk and pasteurised drinks. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and substantiate it with unprocessed grains.

Increase your protein intake: It is a very important element to build muscle weight and tone your body.

Drink lukewarm water: Even in summers.

No substitute to exercise: Every day. Be as regular as you can. Push yourself to the tee. You are stronger than you think!


What are you working on next?

I am building a platform for training and guiding other women who have aspirations to be successful and lead a wholesome and more fulfilled life.  I have felt and seen the challenges that women face in enhancing their personality, grooming, self care and overall understanding of fitness.

Another thing that keeps me hooked and motivated is launching my apparel line. While brand endorsements and events keep me occupied, I am committed towards women’s health and hygiene improvement. All these commitments keep me on my toes and propel me forward.

28 comments on “From School Principal to Beauty Queen, the Surprising Journey of Neha Lal

  1. Inspiration💕


  2. Seema Patpatia

    I had a pleasure of reading your story and getting to know about you and your achievements . It is heart warming and
    remarkable the way you are setting an example for all the women to come out of their comfort zone and help mankind.

    Way to go Neha!!!


  3. Congratulations Neha! You are a great role model to women. Keep up the good work and have fun doing it!


  4. Rakhi Purohit

    Congratulations Neha!! Your story is inspirational. You are equally beautiful inside and out. We love you and wish you success as you spread awareness and joy via your platform to other women.


  5. Sanvi Bisht

    Congratulations Neha!
    Your journey has been a transformation of remarkable poise to a definite go getter. You have become an icon of sorts to all qho come your way.
    Please keep shinning and also wish your new mission is a successful one and hope u are able to provide and nourish a platform to all here who need it..


  6. Great commitment and journey so far wishing u good luck ..


  7. I am really happy and overjoyed for your kind words …….This Is really heart touching …..Look forward for your love and support for the future endeavours 🙏🏻


  8. My little sister grownup to be most beautiful, determined and self motivated Human who inspires you to be better in her presence.we are so proud of all her achievements and wish her all happiness and success for the future
    We love you 😍


  9. Neha ji you are true example of beauty, elligence, grace and intallgence….
    Many will surly get inspired with your crowing journey …
    Your dedication and continivous hardwork and never give up in life attitude is amazing ….
    Wishing you many more successful years ahead …
    I know your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success…
    Sky is not the limit its just the beginning…..


  10. U are inspiration of many, keep motivate like this others good luck for ur becoming😊keep it up👍



    She has established herself as one of the most talented and influential personality on national platform. There is no doubt if whatever ones she undertakes a job, she is determined to finish it. Love you always !


  12. Harj brar

    Amazing journey my dear,,witnessed personally over the years, it was certainly not an easy one for a devoted mother of 3 children! Your amazing kids are themselves an example of your great upbringing and values. You are such an inspiration! You have proved that nothing can get in your way if you are hard working, driven and determined. The way you balance your family life with your work and fitness regime is outstanding and extremely inspiring. You have worked sooo hard to be where you are today, keep rising dear, I wish you all the best for everything!


  13. Mradanshu Kumar

    आपका सफ़र लोगों के लिए सबक है जो अपनी मजबूरियां गिनाते है। सफल होने के लिए ना तो परिवार बाधक है ना उम्र। सपने पूरे करने की कोई उम्र नहीं होती बस जरूरी है संकल्प सामंजस्य और सार्थक प्रयास की।


  14. Mradanshu Kumar

    आपका सफ़र लोगों के लिए सबक है जो अपनी मजबूरियां गिनाते है। सफल होने के लिए ना तो परिवार बाधक है ना उम्र। सपने पूरे करने की कोई उम्र नहीं होती बस जरूरी है संकल्प सामंजस्य और सार्थक प्रयास की।


  15. Jaya Sinha

    Your splendid journey is the finest example of inspiration and motivation for many. It is overwhelming to see you grow and get what you truly deserve. Wish you success into infinity.💞


  16. Deepali Mathur

    Neha is a complete woman and inspiration to many women. A true hardworker, caring person,knows how to balance life perfect in all fields. Take challenges with ease and above all Neha is down to earth person. I wish her all the best for her future


    • Pratima gangwar

      Neha is an amazing person and inspiration to all women. You have worked sooo hard to be where you are today, keep rising. congratulations and best wishes for everything.


  17. Very true artical you are a good mother , good wife,&loving friend .in this age you are icon in society…


  18. I have known Neha as my sweetest younger sister’s best friend. Neha is a very bright strong , determined and positive person .
    She has amazed us all by her achievement!! Well deserved and a true inspiration to all who thinks 40 is too late .
    Dream on and work hard to realise them !!
    What an inspirational achievement for her kids and women all around her .
    I must appreciate the support her lovely husband and family has given her all through this journey.
    May God Bless you and your family with his choicest blessings.
    Sprinkle of determination, strength and positivity .you will be seen as a trail blazer for middle aged women all over and to reaffirm age is no bar !!!!
    Well done Neha
    Ruby Di


  19. Amazing journey….. Always rise and shine


  20. Anjali Upadhyay

    We know to each other for more than last 24 years… You are full of energy…n thak kar haar mann ne walo me se nahi…krna hai to krna hai without compromising on your family values.
    We met, moving along with family n friends..
    By heart you are so nice and never think negative even for those who aren’t your well wishers… always ready for others…. You are the best friend, wife, mother n daughter in law too..
    N recently you have set an example for all the women… that age, responsibilities never stop women to fullfil their dreams..
    And finally Neha Darling You are always welcome to set new example for all of us.
    Love You…with lot’s of Good Wishes for your new journey of life.


  21. Ms. Neha is an amazing person and a great homemaker… Who has the guts to live her dreams despite of her responsibilities. She has proved that age is just the numbers… She is always the winner. Hats off….


  22. Sarika Mehta

    Way to go Neha… congratulations and best wishes for everything.


  23. U are an inspiration for many💕


  24. Sunita Roy

    Neha is an amazing lady whose undying spirit amazes and motivates everybody.She never bows down to criticism and bounces back vigouresly.May Almighty blesses her abundantly and she may work towards her dream with lots of positivity


  25. Neha is an inspiration to all women and a symbol of confidence and courage. I have witnessed her journey and the struggles she faced but she came out a winner all times. She always put her 100% in everything she undertakes without worrying about the outcome and surprisingly her decisions are always right. I wish all the good luck to her for her upcoming endeavours.


  26. Sanjay Singh

    Have know Neha for over 20 years and she has always been an inspirational mom to her kids and loving wife to her husband. Most women get mid life crisis after 40 but Neha has emerged a true inspiration for those. A mindset changing women and an icon in society.


  27. I truly agree with the article saying one has to dream and move on always and age is no limit


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