The Recipe for a Perfect Relationship

A good relationship is like a healthy strain of live culture, and it needs the right ingredients and care.

By Shannon O’Hara

Any good relationship is like a healthy live culture. All fermentation must be kept healthy with attention, care and the right ingredients to start with.

If a culture is kept healthy, it will give and give for many happy years, passing on its good bacteria to all who come in contact with it. If cultures do not have the right ingredients to start with or are neglected, you will most likely end up with a very bad smell.

Like a good ferment (making the vital elements of any single ingredient more dynamic), a good relationship will bring the best out of its people and make what is best about each person more available, not less.

This is how you can gauge if your relationship is good for you and the other: if each ingredient (person) can access more of themselves in the relationship, then you know the recipe for that relationship is on the right track.

If a person sours in their being in the relationship, the balance of all ingredients is wrong and must be adjusted until balance is established. If balance cannot be established, it is best to dispose of the relationship (ferment) and move on.

There are many, many more ingredients to experiment with.

To begin growing a robust and healthy relationship (culture), make sure all ingredients are available before beginning the relationship. If certain ingredients are missing like self-trust, caring and openness, the ferment will most likely not be successful.

The measurements required in this recipe are largely due to the desired taste of the finished dish. If you are only preparing for a short-term relationship, scale back your measurements to suit.

Make sure that all ingredients are vibrationally compatible. You can ferment almost anything but you might not be happy with the outcome. For example, what will adding a banana to kimchi create? However, hops, yeast and water will lead to a very pleasant outcome.

If you and another person (base ingredients) have different sleeping habits, eating habits, or different points of view about family and money, the final outcome may not be tasty or nourishing for either.

Shannon Oz
Shannon O’Hara


  • Many generous handfuls of knowing what your priorities in life are.
    This ingredient can be hard to find. Without this, there is no base for the ferment, and culture will not establish. To locate this ingredient, you may need to search in remote dark places, use the senses where your mind has never travelled. Be your own truffle pig to find this exquisite rare ingredient.
  • Mega helping of knowing who you are getting into a relationship with.
    If you are unable to see the person you are getting into a relationship with, initially due to fantasy or dreams, that’s okay. Endeavour to be honest with yourself as you go. Failure to be honest about the person you are in a relationship with will usually lead to a spoiled ferment, with undesired bacteria taking over.
  • 20 cups of allowance (no one is perfect, not even you).

Preparation Note:

Do your best not to lose yourself in the preparation. If you give up yourself in the preparation of the recipe, you are less likely to enjoy the final flavour.

Have fun if you can. Sometimes the smell of the ferment can be offensive, but give it more time to mature and then assess its health. Enjoy with a side dish of sex, or even family, and learn to develop your own flavours together.

Bon appetit!

Shannon O’Hara is an internationally renowned awareness leader, Access Consciousness facilitator and author

Lead photo: Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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