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Adventurer twins Tashi and Nungshi Malik are on the cover, and we're celebrating sisterhood this month with more achiever-siblings inside!

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eShe Dec 2019 cover

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sister Soulmates

The closest sister-bond I witnessed was between my cousins, Bobby and Neetu. The younger of the two, Neetu, was bound to a wheelchair by her teens, and doctors said she wouldn’t live long. Yet Bobby, herself a widow at just 22, adopted Neetu as her bestie-daughter-darling-pet and cared for her with utter devotion, leaving no dream unlived, pushing Neetu in her wheelchair to the most exotic destinations around the world.

“You are my Prince Charles,” “You are my Lady Diana,” they would lovingly joke in the 1980s, when the British royal couple appeared to be a divine match. But like Lady Di, Neetu too passed on young, at 49, leaving Bobby alone once again.

Siblings may not always be good friends but in Bobby-Neetu, I saw sisters who were soulmates in the true sense of the term. In this issue, we present to you three such sets of sisters – mountaineering twins Tashi and Nungshi Malik (p.28), musician twins Ranjani and Bhairavi (p.20), and educationists and bibliophiles Rachana, Prarthana and Shaguna Gahilote (p.54) – all of whom are lighting up our world with their talent and special sister bond.

We are also drawing inspiration from champions at the top of their game (p.10), and learning how to make the end of 2019 a meaningful time (p.50). Here’s wishing you the same.

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