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Author Roopa Pai is on the cover, and this issue is all about blooming where you're planted. So delve in, and grow deeper!

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According to the Gita, there are three paths to enlightenment: karma yog (path of right action), gyan yog (path of knowledge) and bhakti yog (path of devotion).

Of course, as is typical of our eternal scriptures, there are always addendums and contradictions and paradoxes to everything the sages say that are also equally true, and so the Vedas in their wisdom also said: “There are a hundred paths to enlightenment and they are all correct.”

(Incidentally, the name of my spiritual memoir is 100 Paths, because I decided to try them all out.)

Anyhow, coming back to the three paths of the Gita, this month we’re honoured to feature women on each of them. Cover personality Roopa Pai (p.20) is a gyan yogi, and you only have to read her The Gita for Children, and The Vedas and Upanishads for Children to find a whole lot of sagacious adult wisdom in them. On the path of karma yog are two organisations, Girl Effect and uoQpi, that have set out to empower women personally and professionally (p.12). And the ones following bhakti yog, such as energy healer Riitu S Bahri (p.50) and I (p.65) constantly strive to live in surrender and gratitude. We may stumble but we keep striving.

May you all, like the divine women in this issue of eShe, bloom where you’re planted.

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