“We Have Infinite Potential, We Just Need a Catalyst to Light the Fire” – Confidence Coach Kavitha Garla

Communication isn’t just what you say to others; it’s also about what you tell yourself, says public-speaking trainer Kavitha Garla.

Eight years ago, Kavitha Garla enrolled for a public-speaking programme in her hometown Bengaluru by Ian Faria recommended to her by her sister. A former corporate professional whose two sons were grown up, Kavitha had been going through a challenging patch in her life at the time, and the idea of a workshop called Pep Talk drew her in. It also changed her life.

“My whole life turned around when I discovered that I could be the creator of my life and not just a bystander. I moved myself from playing victim to being the heroine of my life,” says Kavitha, who ended up joining Ian in his venture.

Realising how important communication skills are to a person’s happiness and success, Kavitha signed on as business development head and trainer at Ian’s company Talk Temple, and has over the past few years, helped transform hundreds of lives through leadership training and mentoring.

Kavitha Garla

“Our organisation believes that we are all born with infinite potential; we just need a catalyst to light the fire,” says Kavitha.

Born and raised in Bengaluru, Kavitha did her MBA from Clemson University, USA, and worked there as a marketing and public relations professional before returning to India, getting married and raising a family.

Now, over the past eight years of teaching communication skills at Talk Temple, Kavitha has interacted with corporates from entry level to CXOs, and has noted the biggest mistake people make about communication: “Most people believe that when they say something, the message is understood by all, but in reality the meaning of the message does not lie in what is said but in what is understood.”

Kavitha with her family

She has also observed that the top qualities good speakers have are confidence, authenticity and passion. “First, you have to build your own self-esteem and confidence to know that you are equal and competent to take on anyone,” she says.

“Secondly, with globalisation today, it is important to improve one’s English speaking skills, especially grammar and word usage. And finally, in public speaking, less is more so you don’t have to have an extensive vocabulary and use complicated sentences – a crisp and simple message is far more effective.”

Having mentored hundreds of women, Kavitha says the most important factor that women need to work on is their self-esteem and self-belief. “If you know who you are and what you stand for, there is no stopping you in expressing yourself,” she says.

She adds: “You can use communication as a tool to not only express your ideas but also build your brand, and create a positive impact in the world.”

First published in eShe’s October 2019 issue

7 comments on ““We Have Infinite Potential, We Just Need a Catalyst to Light the Fire” – Confidence Coach Kavitha Garla

  1. Good Reading about kavitha. Communication holds the key to everything and everyone we come in contact.

    Mastering all the areas of communication should bring anyone closer to attaining the Pinnacle of success.

    The art of speech tells the world what and how we are. It represents our individuality and creates an image.


  2. Shubham Singh

    Wonderful Kavitha. I am sure you will go places and impact many more lives.


  3. Mahima S Hegde

    Truly inspirational kavitha, always enjoy reading your articles, blogs etc…
    Great going girl…all the best


  4. Sandhya Chandran

    Very happy to read this article,Kavitha.
    Proud of the way you have evolved and the passion with which you live life!
    And of course, couldn’t agree more that Communication is at the heart of our existence…..Go on lady -the sky is the limit.


  5. Thank you Ian!!


  6. Wonderful article, Kavitha. Happy to see your progress shared through your interviews and your talks.

    Wish you more success as you touch many more lives!


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