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Editor’s Note: Food for the Soul

My mother and mother-in-law are both excellent cooks. While I, with my rather useless kitchen skills, must be a disappointment for them, I tell them to take heart in the fact that my husband has some talent in that department, so there is someone to take their legacy forward.

This is the month of fasting and festivals in India and International Chefs Day around the world, and either way food is on our minds. Perhaps due to my own lack of cooking acumen, I tend to idolise chefs and people who understand temperature, quantity, hydration, spices and everything else required to convert raw produce into sensorial delights on a plate.

Which is why this current issue had me spellbound. Starting with the reality TV star and restaurateur Sarah Todd (p.22) and then reading the stories of five more outstanding culinary artists from around the world (p.28), this is definitely an inspiring issue for gastronomes.

But the performing arts can also be food for the soul. Which is why we spoke to three music therapists on the healing powers of Indian classical music (p.12) and to a dance entrepreneur on how dance and theatre contribute to happiness (p.09).

Rejoice, my dear readers, and savour the spread of soul-food ahead.

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  1. oh wow great content! check out our magazine as well


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