How to Open Up to Leadership and Self-Growth

By Madhavi Advani, 46, Delhi

I was an intrepid young lass growing up in Jaipur, doing things out of reach of most girls. If I wasn’t swimming or debating, I was trekking up to Pindari Glacier and Rohtang Pass, or flying gliders and power planes armed with a Student Pilot License.

My parents insisted on good education for all their four kids, regardless of gender, and I did my MA in political science from University of Rajasthan.

I later moved to Delhi and married an investment banker. We have two grown children now. I have been busy all these years – I ran a play school, organized fashion shows and events, participated in car rallies, acted in plays, raised funds for social causes, appeared on TV shows, wrote a book. I am an extrovert and I like surrounding myself with people. I am now a marketing consultant with international luxury lifestyle brands in India.

I believe leadership comes naturally to some people but others can develop it by being more open to experiences. Sometimes, one’s own attitude or insecurities get in the way of one’s growth.

You need not be aggressive; just be open. You’ll be surprised how often people are willing to help you succeed.

First published in eShe September 2017.