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What The Tarot Cards Predict for September

This is what September will be like, says tarot reader and educationist Alka Mahajan.


Your love life will improve dramatically if you work on becoming independent, free and self-reliant. Get out into the natural world and enjoy pleasant outdoor activities with a loved one. Take special care of your health and treat it as your greatest wealth. It is an excellent time to harvest the fruits of your labour. Tarot Insight: Embrace change to rediscover yourself.


You are soon either going to meet or be called upon to be a person who exudes maturity without complaints or regrets. Loyalty will be shown to you and your loyalty will be rewarded. Your dynamic personality will open the door to many possibilities. Tarot Insight: Follow the dictates of your heart.


Your intentions might be misunderstood. Messages of love, romance and appreciation will be blocked. E-mails, phone calls or letters could get lost or remain unanswered. But stop self-pity and make new plans for a better life and in your unique way. Tarot Insight: Be objective about  yourself and your goals.


You or your partner may feel either vulnerable or smothered by each other or by established rules. You need true love’s spirit of kindness and compromise to guide you. An inheritance may be delayed or disappointing. Tarot Insight: Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it.


Your responsibilities will increase making it difficult for you to take risks. Let go of old patterns that no longer work for you. Be receptive to a new opportunity because it will take you to a new direction. Tarot Insight: Free yourself from others’ expectations and regain self-worth.


Your positive attitude will attract others to you. Flirty fun, play and romance are all indicated. Share your highest qualities and achievements. Support all efforts of a loved one to grow. There will be wonderful news at the work front. Tarot Insight: Recognize your traditional values for future security.


You and your partner will reach a position of power and respect. Be social, and make dating, mating and relating a priority. Interact with everyone, no matter what their status. Be natural, realistic and committed. Tarot Insight: Your trump card will be your ability to understand and be understood.


Watch for co-dependent or enabling behaviour in yourself or a loved one. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you. Avoid people who are unreliable, wishy-washy, chronically late or have been unfaithful. Tarot Insight: Stand up for your beliefs, and only say yes if you really want to.


Hold on to what you have. Take care of your home and family. What you save and conserve now will greatly benefit you in the future. Build a strong foundation, take responsibility and keep your eye on the prize while also keeping your affairs in order. Tarot Insight: Admit your true feelings to yourself.


Competition will be fierce. A misunderstanding may lead to a decrease in your self-esteem. Guard against actions based on frustration, anger, hate and prejudice. Tarot Insight: Leave an unhealthy situation and enjoy the new doors that open as a result.


An enthusiastic, open-minded person may enter your life. It’s a good time to develop a venture on your own. Take risks in your relationships and don’t overanalyse. It is time to spend time with new people who stimulate you. Tarot Insight: An upcoming trip proves to be life changing in positive ways.


Seclusion and retreat from the demands of an active social life can benefit you this month. Take a break from powerful relationship issues and conflicts. Get back to your centre by looking inwards. For a real change, meditate or pray daily. Tarot Insight: Spend time with flowers and flower essences to increase your personal healing power.

Alka Mahajan is a widely travelled educationist, professional tarot card reader and a certified counsellor and psychotherapist. Her tarot predictions are broadcasted regularly on FM radio. For appointment, contact

Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash. First published in eShe September 2017 issue.

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