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This ‘quantum coach’ transformed her life from ordinary to extraordinary; she now helps others do the same

Author and life coach Soleira Green counsels people on developing their own limitless potential and transforming themselves into anything they want to be

By Kay Newton

Soleira Green was 38 years old when she began perceiving a whole universe of energy outside of her limited physical faculties. Thus began her journey into the extraordinary, a move to another continent, a new life partner, and a completely new career. Now, in her early seventies, she is an author and ‘quantum coach’ who counsels people on developing their own limitless potential and transforming themselves ‘in quantum leaps’ into anything they want to be.

“Everything happens for a purpose, to call us forward to something different. Once you lose the issues angst, it frees you from your past and unlocks the extraordinary in you,” she says.

One of three siblings, Soleira grew up in a small town in Canada. She loved to organise fun and exhilarating experiences for her friends, a skill she still uses today. In 1971, after graduating in psychology, Soleira started at Bell Canada as a service representative and worked through sales and marketing to project management.

When she was in her late thirties, her father died, and something shifted inside Soleira. “I began to see and feel energy differently. I became fascinated and thirsty for knowledge. You would find me at transformational courses, workshops, channelling and new energy concept events,” she recalls.

When Soleira read The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, she knew she had to visit Glastonbury, UK. In June 1995, standing atop the Tor, an ancient hilltop, amongst drummers and drunkenly dancing people at 2 am, she had an epiphany.

The next day, Soleira, then 45 years old, sold everything and moved permanently to the UK. “Six months later, I met my third husband. We have been married for 26 years,” she says.

A view of the Tor hilltop in Glastonbury, UK, where Soleira had a spiritual experience

A short time into Glastonbury life, Soleira became ultra-sensitive to energy. “Everywhere I went, I felt nauseous. As people walked past, I would feel their pain. It was a huge shock. Fortunately, I soon realized that this disabling force was actually a superpower.”

Soleira explains: “When bad life experiences happen, the average person uses their head and mind to close down and create a protected place. Energy sensitives remain open and are vulnerable to tapping into the pain of others. I learned that instead of closing down or being exposed, I needed to do the opposite and go ‘wild open’.”

Wild Open

Soleira describes ‘wild open’ as unleashing the deep core of who you are and expanding into the greatness of yourself to tap into vibrancy, passion and life power. “When you tip over the vibrational horizon, there is synergy, vitality, and abundance, a place of great ideas and genius,” affirms Soleira who has authored 10 books on transformation and consciousness and two fantasy novels.

As a quantum coach, she chooses to relate to her clients as “magnificent beings with amazing contribution to make to the world”. She helps them orient their challenges to the universe signalling them to become greater, to contribute their unique gifts to the world. “Then I take them to a vibrational frequency where problems dissolve and amazing innovative solutions are there for the making.”

Soleira asserts that she and husband never have anything go awry in their lives: “Abundance comes easily and effortlessly, and life is wonderful.” She cites, for example, her ‘Murmuration of Maestros’ event last month that saw 15 people coming together from four countries. “It all happened in a state of flow. Payments arrived on time. Even travel arrangements were perfect. No matter who is in the group, we always get along together. There are no contentions, disagreements or conflicts, ever,” she says.

Soleira Green with her books

She adds with a smile: “I live my life without my past stories, as they are not relevant in the quantum space of today. I started my life as ordinary, and I now live it extraordinarily. I am thrilled with my life and know that if I die tomorrow, it has been the life of all lifetimes. To be able to play a part in the quantum evolution of the world is just delightful.”

Radiant Transmitter

If you go wild open, Soleira says, and if you tip over the vibrational horizon and love life, you move into a state of what she calls ‘Super Flow’ and become a ‘Radiant Transmitter’, where the true magic happens.

Soleira states: “Humans are not small creatures with problems to solve, as most people think. We are incredible beings here on the planet with fascinating purposes. The whole world is transcending into a new possibility of life. It is our work to create this extraordinary moment in time.”

She believes that human evolution has gone from being an individual person to a higher self with a greater purpose to becoming an infinite being. “As you move into each one, you integrate parts of yourself to expand and connect to infinite intelligence. In essence, you operate differently. You discover you are extraordinary, as is every other being you encounter,” she says.

Seven Simple Steps to Becoming Extraordinary

When we operate using our own energy — for example, the energy created by food, exercise and sleep — we have limited power, says Soleira. “Yet, when we tap into the state of Super Flow, the vibrancy of the universe, all creation, the stars, the energy and the sun – all life force is available to us. It just requires practice.”

Below are Soleira’s simple steps to becoming extraordinary. Cultivate these simple steps in your own time and manner. There is no right or wrong way to get there.

  1. If you get caught in a downward spiral, stop and take a deep breath and relax your body. Repeat until you feel calm.
  2. Close your eyes and think of something you love. For example: walking on a beach at sunset, the smile of your child, or listening to a piece of music. Now your body will go naturally to a higher vibration (expect to smile instinctively).
  3. Now, without effort or thought, go wild open, as if you are experiencing the thing you love yet more extravagantly. If you attempt to close your energy down again, you will find it impossible. Now you can recognise high vibrational frequency and a closed world.
  4. To be in flow, always do the things you love. If you force yourself to do things you don’t want to, it never works. If there is something you have to do, find a way to love it or pass it on to someone else.
  5. Make your home beautiful. It does not have to be expensive. Everywhere your eye focuses should lift your energy to an elevated state.
  6. Love life, nature, the earth, the universe, and everybody, in order to become a radiant transmitter in Super Flow every day.
  7. Then say YES to your own greatness, your own extraordinary. That’s really all you have to do to begin the journey. You will find that extraordinary will drop from the sky into you and burst increasingly from deep within you until one day extraordinary is what you have become. 

To know more about Soleira Green, click here.

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