eShe TV: Why One Needs a Mighty Heart to Stand Up for Peace

Aekta Kapoor talks to Dr Scilla Elworthy and coaches Nienke van Bezooijen and Kawtar El Alaoui about self-transformation, inner work and effortless action.

In a world wracked by crisis and conflict, it’s not easy to stand up for peace. That’s why one needs a ‘mighty heart’ to begin the process. In her book The Mighty Heart (2020), this is precisely the process described by three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy.

It will take a new kind of skill to cope with the current crises and the problems we are collectively facing. The skill of transforming conflict not only has the power to change the life of the person applying it, but also of those around them.

Developing this skill is one of the key takeaways from the upcoming Mighty Heart Course, which starts on September 7, 2021 and brings to life Dr Scilla Elworthy’s book, highlighting people and cases demonstrating a ‘mighty heart’ in action. 

Dr Scilla Elworthy

The program offers you practical skills and exercises to connect with and to use the power of your heart to change lives during this crisis.

Here you will find practical, non-technical guidance for how to build your ‘mighty heart’ along with the capacity and skills to have ‘courageous conversations’, to engage your feminine intelligence (available equally to men as to women), to understand how to work with and tame your inner critic, how to use anger as a fuel for transformation and, most importantly, how to develop Presence.

In this episode of eShe TV, Aekta Kapoor talks to Dr Scilla along with program co-facilitators Nienke van Bezooijen and Kawtar El Alaoui about self-transformation, inner work, feminine intelligence and the aim for effortless action.

Dr Scilla Elworthy is an award-winning peacebuilder, author and the founder of the Oxford Research Group and the charity Peace Direct. She wrote the book The Business Plan for Peace in 2017, which is now a nonprofit that supports societies and governments to prevent destructive conflict. She is based in Oxford, UK.

Kawtar El Alaoui is an international coach and consultant committed to creating more harmony and unity in our world by allowing people to recognise and experience the universality of our humanity. Her work is the culmination of many years of growth with many modalities and living and working for extended periods of time in five different cultures, including India.

A trained lawyer, intercultural mediator, and an expert in the field of transformation based in Canada, Kawtar creates these outcomes by equipping people with the tools for connection, understanding of self and others, and inner peace.

L-R: Kawtar El Alaoui and Nienke van Bezooijen

Nienke van Bezooijen is an international coach for public speaking and transformation based in the Netherlands. She has dedicated her life ‘to provide the world with a voice’. She is a licensed HeartMath™ trainer and works with individuals on their resilience based on the HeartMath™ techniques.

Nienke is co-initiator of the Building Bridges Movement, an international peace movement connecting worlds in the month of September 2021 and on International Peace Day 2021.

Sign up for the Mighty Heart Course here.

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