Let’s Talk About Hysterectomy: Two Women Swap Experiences

Two women in their mid-40s discuss hysterectomy and the lack of support groups and research on the subject of menopause. Listen to the podcast.

Ritu Goyal Harish was a freelance journalist for 17 years before she gave it up to run her travel company. She now gives vent to the activist in her through her podcast, Rituism, where she talks about a range of subjects – from periods to yoga and more. 

Her latest endeavour is to start conversations about menopause and hysterectomy (the surgical removal of a woman’s reproductive organs). Since all women will undergo menopause, the Pune-based mother of two believes that it’s time to start sharing experiences so women know they’re not alone and that their struggles are real and relatable.

Ritu Goyal Harish

In her latest episode, she speaks to Mumbai-based human-resources professional Jyotsna Nair about her experience undergoing a hysterectomy in her mid-40s, after suffering from painful endometriosis for over a year.

A mother to a seven-year-old, Jyotsna enjoys experiencing new cuisines, trying various adventure sports, travelling, Kathak, photography and is a voracious reader. However, the past couple of years have been difficult for her not only due to painful periods but due to medical apathy.

It wasn’t easy for her to make doctors understand the extent of her pain. “They told me this is ‘normal’ during periods and maybe I have a low threshold for pain,” she says to Ritu in this podcast. “It surprises me that there is hardly any research on endometriosis nor any support groups for women undergoing hysterectomy in India.”

Jyotsna Nair

The duo hope this podcast allows more open conversation around menopause and hysterectomy in India. “Most of all, I hope that the veil of silence surrounding women’s health is shed by women themselves so they can understand what’s happening with them and demand better medical care,” says Ritu.

Listen here:

Interview: Jyotsna speaks about her Hysterectomy Rituism

Jyotsna from Mumbai underwent her hysterectomy on 08th April, 2021. She shares her harrowing surgery experience with me and also insights into why women don’t talk about this or menopause, openly. Articulate and very brave, this is an interaction for all women.
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Rituism is hosted on Anchor, and is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

1 comment on “Let’s Talk About Hysterectomy: Two Women Swap Experiences

  1. This is so relevant to me. It’s been 13 years I was diagnosed endometriosis grade 4. Which is Last stage. Have undergone two surgeries. Every month I go thru painful period. There is not much study done no treatment of all insurance does not cover these surgeries.
    There is much written about your buly Padma Lakshmi. This disease kills n breaks relationship. Endometriosis patient needs warm care n support. Please support them


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