Read the April 2021 Issue of eShe Magazine

This issue is about women filling the gaps in society and creating value. On the cover is Bangladeshi philanthropist Nadia Samdani, and inside are inspiring stories of vision and purpose, from Chandigarh to Melbourne to San Francisco. Start reading!

The latest issue of eShe is here! You can read it online on Issuu or Magzter, or download it to your device:


There’s a special sort of power that accompanies any human effort when it is driven by service to people instead of just service for profit. Each time I meet or speak to personalities who have set out to fill a pressing need in society, I am struck by their passion and sense of purpose.

This month’s issue is full of women like these. Cover personality Nadia Samdani, founder of the Dhaka Art Summit, used her resources, creativity and dedication to create a tremendous non-commercial platform for South Asian art and especially Bangladeshi artists (p.20).

Young Silicon Valley techie Nitasha Syed has launched a talk show on YouTube to shatter misconceptions about Pakistanis in the Western world (p.06). Sartaj Lamba has set up a system of wheelchair-enabled cabs across north India to help the differently abled live independently (p.10). UX designer Sunali Aggarwal has launched India’s first dating app for the LGBTQ+ community (p.14). Audiologist and speech therapist Devangi Dalal is using technology to transform the lives of thousands of hearing-impaired kids (p.16). And former CISCO Canada honcho Ayelet Baron has stepped off the rat race and is now inspiring others to live their authentic lives (p.33).

Like the Japanese art of kintsukuroi, these women have filled the gaps in our fragmented world with their own special kind of gold.

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