Read the December 2020 Issue of eShe Magazine

Award-winning Mohiniyattam performer and dance scholar Dr Methil Devika is on our December 2020 cover, and inside are women taking India's classical dances to the world. Plus a special feature on 5 Indian natural beauty brands. Read now!

The latest issue of eShe is here! You can read it online on Issuu or Magzter, or download it to your device:


I feel very fortunate to be born in a country with such a rich cultural heritage. Our ancient art forms and our wellness traditions are unparalleled in the world for their holistic approach. There is always a meaning even in the smallest gestures and an element of sagacity in each step one takes. The body and mind are but the means through which we access the divine consciousness within us, and the goal is always evolution of the soul.

That is why putting together this year-end issue has given me so much personal satisfaction. On the cover is dance scholar and award-winning performer Dr Methil Devika, who has done extensive research on Mohiniyattam, the feminine solo dance form of Kerala (p.18). We also have New York-based performer and educator Preeti Vasudevan who has contemporised Indian dance traditions for audiences in the West (p.24), and Bengaluru-based neuroscientist and artist Savitha Sastry who has evangelised Bharatanatyam for anyone to access online (p.28).

There’s also a special feature on five women-led beauty brands with the common vision to offer Indian buyers safe, chemical-free skincare products steeped in natural nourishment (p.10).

But let’s not forget, 2020’s new normal includes a digital reality and as 2021 beckons, let’s make space for new traditions (p.64). Happy reading!

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