Read the November 2020 Issue of eShe Magazine

Phenomenally successful author Preeti Shenoy is on our cover this month and inside are millennial techpreneurs leading startups in India and USA. Plus: a feature on lockdown weddings. Happy festive reading!

The latest issue of eShe is here! You can read it online on Issuu or Magzter, or download it to your device:


The human race has always adapted to challenges, developed coping skills and healed wounds when faced with disasters and tragedies. Women are especially gifted with this phoenix-like ability to rise from the ashes, women who are unafraid of hard work and whose commitment to their families instills in them superhuman strength.

Despite the massive economic losses during the lockdown, it has been women who are picking up the pieces in India’s villages (p.53), keeping the home fires burning while their menfolk sit unemployed waiting for work.

In cities too, millennial women armed with technological knowhow and ambition are stepping up to ride the wave of digitalisation of India’s education sector (p.17), aiming to make learning accessible across social-economic strata.

Others are using their privilege to reach out to their fellow women in need, like the Pad Squad. Launched by two film personalities in Mumbai, the initiative has distributed over 5 lakh sanitary napkins in five months to underprivileged women, orphans and sex workers across India (p.42).

There are also stories of the triumph of love despite the gloom (p.06) and of new launches – cover personality Preeti Shenoy launched her 13th novel during the lockdown (p.26), and former journalist Smriti Lamech launched ‘feminist ragdolls’ (p.50).

This festive season, let’s be inspired by the goddesses among us.

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