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Facing Abuse and Grief Fuelled Her Life’s Mission as a Cosmic Guidance Counsellor

Cassandra Eve transformed herself after a series of traumatic experiences and now guides others on their soul journeys using astrology.

By Kay Newton

Speaking with Cassandra Eve you immediately get a sense of calm, a presence that is totally in tune with life and her calling here on Earth. Yet it was not always like this. The cosmic guidance counsellor has adventured through many life quests and, like a true heroine, she has transformed her trials and challenges: childhood abuse, a violent marriage, leaving her job and home, and losing her son to heroin addiction.

“Change is the only constant,” says Cassandra who has worked in the UK’s civil service, and has also served as a Reiki master and a past-life therapist. “When we’re actively growing through life’s changes we connect more deeply with our inner beliefs and motivations and discover what lies beneath them, what’s truly authentic inside. When I made this realisation, my life began.”

Born in Cornwall, UK, and now back in her birthplace, Cassandra has lived in many parts of the world from New Zealand and Australia to the life of a recluse in India. “When my life fell apart and I hit ground zero, I looked at the one common denominator in all that had happened and it was ME! That’s when I literally felt my consciousness turn inside out. I became more interested in my inner world,” she says.

Cassandra Eve

One day, listening to her intuition, Cassandra walked into a café and serendipitously met a woman there who invited her to a local astrology group where they did her chart for her. “It sent me on another quest, to discover what lies beneath my experience and the external world,” she narrates. And so she went to the library and began studying astrology as a serious vocation. Within six months, she had begun a diploma course and also trained as a rape and incest counsellor for a UK crisis line.

Cassandra’s clients tend to be women in their late 30s onwards, in the process of change or ready for it. “Women who know there is more to life than the daily norms. Women in transition, at a crossroads, they may not understand astrology yet they are intrigued,” she says.

An astrological chart consultation helps clients understand and trust themselves deeper and the growth processes they are in. Yet, Cassandra never offers a prediction on what is going to happen in their lives.

She shares why: “My ex-partner went to see an astrologer and was told that our relationship was going to break up. From my own knowledge of astrology I told him that it was one potential of the incoming energy, but not the only one. But the seed had been sown in my partner’s mind. We did break up, yet who knows how that seed influenced the process? It was a valuable lesson for my responsibility as an astrologer.”

In consultations, Cassandra shares where an energetic process is taking the individual internally and the meaning of the process, so that they can meet it in the best possible ways. “For example, a client recently brought up her marriage and I can see the energy working in two ways, either towards renewal or an ending; it’s not staying the same. We always have a choice with many possible permutations and yet the calling is always towards growth.”

One of Cassandra’s retreats

Cassandra also talks about the ‘choiceless choice’, where the energy for change arriving in your life creates pressure. When you desperate cling onto the old that no longer serves, you experience the process as pain and suffering. You are still making a choice – choosing not to change. In that choice you are actively choosing to suffer. Generally when this happens, there is fear of change. Astrology helps the client to see that change is natural, even if at times it is painful, and that renewal is inevitable. Nature is a great mirror for these processes.

Speaking about the pandemic right now, Cassandra says the collective force we are experiencing will be felt differently by everyone. “Individually some will feel it as pressure, others as an inspiration to live differently. Often it’s both. Choices are more difficult right now and yet we have to take action in our life. For example, I had to cancel my retreat in Greece this year. It was a difficult choice and I wasn’t happy to do so yet that is part of my unfolding evolution. We have to live more in the moment and more responsibly in terms of our collective experience.”

Cassandra’s final thoughts are important for all: “Change is challenging yet when we trust that the process is one of evolution – despite the fact that it may feel tragic or frightening – life becomes easier. Beneath that ever-moving process of change, a deeper self-belonging and trust is possible. It supports the individual in living a more meaningful life. My life reveals that is possible for everyone.”


First published in eShe’s August 2020 issue

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