Read the August 2020 Issue of eShe Magazine

Welcome to the REINVENTION issue! On the cover is documentary filmmaker-turned-people's representative Yasmin Kidwai, and inside are women who charted new paths during the lockdown. This Independence Day special issue is what Indian women are made of!

The latest issue of eShe is here and it’s our Independence Day special! You can read it online or download it to your device:

Editor’s Note: The Reinvention

Faced with crisis, the woman of character falls back on herself. She imposes her own stamp of action, takes responsibility for it, makes it her own. Those words, paraphrasing Charles de Gaulle, define the women in the pages of this issue. These are women who – when faced with crises and choices – have been unafraid to reinvent themselves and even start from scratch if need be.

Cover personality Yasmin Kidwai (p.26) went from being a documentary filmmaker to an elected representative of the people because she wanted to counter the narrative of hate so prevalent in our times.

Poet and reality TV star Priya Malik took her poetry workshops online during the lockdown, as did other entrepreneurs who could not just still and watch their self-made businesses come to a halt (p.06).

Talented cooks turned into entrepreneurs running home kitchens to keep their family income going during the pandemic crisis (p.13).

Whether forced by a crisis or not, there is a point in all our lives when we choose reinvention. Like the two marketing professionals who turned into tarot readers (p.56), and an engineer who became a science fiction writer (p.78) for the sheer love of it.

Maybe you went through a transformation too. Write to me about it. There’s nothing I respect more than a woman who fearlessly lives her truth.

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