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With philanthropist Meera Gandhi on the cover, this issue celebrates women and enterprises who have made a life out of giving.

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The past month was extraordinarily busy for me, and perhaps for you too, since April is the beginning of the new academic, financial, astrological year. I was gainfully, passionately occupied with matters to do with eShe and our personal-growth workshops for women, Shine Your Light.

I’ve also been doing labour of a more heartfelt, loving kind, spending time teaching adolescents, counselling adults, organising cultural activities, chanting vigorously with fellow Nichiren Buddhists, and delving through motivational skits and poems for enactment by tots and grannies. On some days, I have barely a minute’s gap between meetings and practices, and the only time it seems like I exhale is when my head touches my pillow at night.

The stories in this issue only reaffirm my faith in living a life of giving. New York-based philanthropist Meera Gandhi is a fine example in using one’s resources to raise awareness and funds for those without any voice and for causes that need attention (p.18). Feminist activist V Rukmini Rao has made a life out of working for the oppressed and the abandoned (p.34). And environmentally friendly enterprises around the world are out to save the planet in their own ways (p.10).

Time flies when you’re busy doing things you love and creating value for others. And that’s the best use of time, isn’t it? Spent, not wasted.

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