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This issue is all about awesome women creating value in new ways.

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Editor’s Note

Every month as this magazine comes together, I am left in a state of wonderment at how amazing women are. In just this issue, we feature a dozen of them who have defied odds, braved challenges and charted whole new paths.

There’s young Deeya Bajaj who has scaled Mt Everest and is on a quest to cover the tallest summits on all continents (p.06). There’s cover personality Simone Ahuja, a former dental surgeon who took a career detour to study innovation and directed a TV series and wrote best-selling books that made Indian ‘jugaad’ world-famous (p.24). Entrepreneurs Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik discarded their high-flying jobs and donned the mantle of snack-food superheroes who are putting Indian millets and grains into children’s tiny tummies with Slurrp Farm (p.30).

Shirin Merchant, a world-acclaimed dog trainer, defied norms for trainers in India and uses positive reinforcement instead of punishment to train canines (p.50). Smriti Gupta encourages adopting children with special needs (p.40); Swatantra Kalra teaches you how to find joy in little things (p.48); Neera Suri helps you release emotional blocks through dance (p.53); and venture capitalist and social entrepreneur Durga Das is playing cricket, golfing, and sailing around the world simply for the love of it (p.56).

Women are amazing, I tell you.

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