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She Uses Sound and Dance to Heal, Inspire, and Make You Fall in Love With Yourself

Sound healer and movement therapist Ruchi Thaker's philosophy is simple: "Get excited in the anticipation of the BEST that is coming your way, always!"

Ruchi Thaker’s innocence and loving personality stand out as a beacon of hope when you’re from a city as busy and cynical as Delhi. A spirited and passionate yoga and meditation instructor, the young woman is also a movement therapist and sound healer who uses Tibetan meditation bowls to induce deep relaxation.

Interestingly, her spiritual journey has come about after a course correction: the MBA graduate had walked two years down the corporate path as an HR professional, before she realised she could no longer live “a life that wasn’t aligned with my true purpose.”

Born in Baroda, Gujarat, to a father who worked in the public sector and a homemaker mother, Ruchi and her family moved to Haridwar when she was quite young. “That’s where the seeds of my spiritual path were sown, which have now blossomed into trees of gifts and learnings that I nurture consistently and take pleasure in sharing with the world,” says the 29-year-old.

Ruchi taking a meditation session at KPMG

Like all doting parents, hers too wanted to her to carve out an ‘ideal’ career so after school from DPS Haridwar, Ruchi moved to Delhi to do her B.Com. She pursued CS for a year before doing her MBA from Amity Business School, Noida. But after two years of working in multinationals like Convergys and RocSearch, Ruchi drifted to Rishikesh to study yoga and meditation, to “claim the life I was truly born to live!”

Dysfunctional family dynamics, frequent health issues and being an introvert of sorts while growing up truly laid a foundation for Ruchi to appreciate and create time for herself and to be comfortable in her own company. Her childhood challenges later transformed into spirituality, and today she is “truly grateful for it all”.

Ruchi Thaker Yoga.jpg“Yoga, meditation and alternate healing modalities have always been a part of my life, as I grew up in spiritual places like Haridwar and Rishikesh,” says Ruchi, who trained in sound healing under a Russian healer and is now something of an artist with the Tibetan singing bowls.

For the past five years, Ruchi has been using these modalities to transform people’s lives across ages, gender, profession and cities, and is “committed to guide people in their journey of fitness and spiritual consciousness. I thoroughly enjoy spending most of my day working with individuals and corporates to help them cultivate deep inner peace, awareness, positive thinking and self love through one or more healing practices.”

Ruchi Thaker yoga session.jpgHer sessions take you on a journey inward, opening your heart and inducing wholehearted laughter. She also teaches you correct and mindful breathing, instant stress release, magnified self-love and self-management, and inculcates tools to live mindfully in each moment and make conscious choices.

You’ll leave her session with an uplifted heart and fresh lasting positive energy, motivation for taking inspired action towards your desires, physical and mental strength and flexibility, feeling more connected with self and everything around, and reminders to cultivate “daily magic in your life”.

Ruchi Thaker singing bowls.jpg“Recognise that each breath is a precious blessing, and participate and align with it. Nothing else matters,” she guides, encouraging her clients to cultivate a strong daily gratitude practice for all that they were, all they are and all they’re becoming. “This works WONDERS!” she affirms.

She is also a great proponent of self-love and an “abundant life mindset”. “Fall in love with each minute of your life, celebrate yourself and operate as if the BEST is on its way to you. Get excited in its anticipation ALWAYS!” she signs off.

Meet Ruchi and get a taste of her dance meditation at eShe’s ‘Shine Your Light’ personal growth workshop for women in Delhi on January 12, 2019. Click here for more details.