From Ghee to Pickle: 4 Brands That Deliver Organic Foods Straight to Your Home

These enterprises and startups are bringing all the goodness of organic, unadulterated farm-fresh produce and dairy products to your doorstep.


adya organicsAdya Organics started as an attempt to provide the children of a boarding school in Dehradun with untainted dairy products like milk, curd, butter and paneer. Gradually, they started selling organic dairy too. Today they have 200 cows, a staff of 25, and a loyal clientele. Check out their A2 desi ghee and raw honey.




sow fresh.jpgKomal Jain was always passionate about organic farming and cooking, visiting farms around the world and watching over her own farms in Manesar and Dehradun for over 20 years. This year, she launched Sow Fresh, which offers 100% organic produce directly from source to consumers all over Delhi-NCR. Subscribe to have customized weekly deliveries straight at your doorstep. They also offer seeds, cold-pressed oils, and exotic produce along with A2 ghee.

Call: +91 8826004406



the roots.jpgA Delhi family converted to an organic lifestyle a decade ago. They were so influenced by the changes in their bodies and minds that they set up The Roots Organic Lifestyle Store, becoming a retail platform for organic lifestyle products and fresh fruits and vegetables. They source products from various companies and individual retailers, ranging from food and nutrition to personal care to wellness, and healthy living. All items are carefully curated, APEDA-regulated and certified by authorities.




the little farm coTired of highly processed, high-salt and chemical-laden pickles available on market shelves? So was Niharika Bhargava. And so, she co-founded The Little Farm Co to offer additive-free pickles made with homegrown fruits, vegetables, spices and even oils, using only rock salt, unprocessed sugar, liquid jaggery, and natural vinegar. They also stick to eco-friendly packaging, and use hygienic production processes. Their ingredients are plucked ripe two hours before processing, and sun-drenched in open spaces with containers kept in an east-to-west direction, the traditional way.


First published in the October 2018 issue of eShe magazine