This 24-Year-Old is Bringing Pilates to a Studio Near You

Namrata Purohit is a prodigy in the world of Pilates, and, at 24, has just launched her eighth workout studio in India.

She was the world’s youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor when she was just 16 years old, and had authored a book – The Lazy Girls Guide to Being Fit – by the age of 21. Namrata Purohit started gathering her fitness credentials quite young, and now, at just 24, has already co-founded eight Pilates studios across India.

Along with her father, Samir Purohit, she has also been official fitness expert to the Femina Miss India International Pageants from 2011 onwards. And there seems to be no stopping her.

Bought up in Mumbai, Namrata did her Master’s in economics before setting out to UK to study sports management, along with attending fitness workshops in London and Canada. She completed all Stott Pilates courses by 19, making her one of the few instructors in India to do so.

Namrata Purohit

She then returned to India to join her parents in running their chain of Pilates and Altitude Training studios. With three in Mumbai, and one each in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Benguluru, they added Delhi to the list last month.

“In the Western world, one can focus purely on fitness as a career, but in India, one needs to have a job or profession along with an interest in sport,” opines the young expert, who also played squash at the national level, besides being trained in equestrian sports, football, handball and gymnastics. She is also a frequent traveller, and loves water sports such as surfing and scuba-diving.

Her businessman father noticed his only child’s passion for Pilates and decided to “do something together” to encourage her. Today, the father-daughter duo train people from all backgrounds, from industrialists, Bollywood celebrities, and sport personalities to models and fitness enthusiasts.

Namrata-Purohit-Pilates“The best part about Pilates is that it is easy on joints, while being tough on muscles. It’s how a workout should be. There’s also a lot of focus on breathing, so it’s like active meditation in a way,” says Namrata.

She believes most people today take up fitness for the love of it, and not just to lose weight. “Indians are now aware about the benefits of fitness: it’s not just about looking good but also being happier, lighter and having more energy.” Here’s to India’s fitter future.

First published in the March 2018 issue of eShe magazine. Read it for free here.

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