She Quit Her Career, Then Came Back Better, Stronger, Smarter in Ver2.0

It takes back-breaking hard work to be the best, says Gitikka Ganju Dhar, who has had a stellar career of over 20 years as a professional anchor and moderator.

Her childhood as daughter of an army officer instilled in her qualities of discipline, flexibility and hard work, and her personal quest for perfection took Gitikka Ganju Dhar on a career path that would defy boundaries set for women in her field. An award-winning anchor and show host who is known for her intelligent, well-researched presentations and never using a prompter while on stage, Gitikka has challenged conventions quietly, studiously outperforming her peers.

“Women have a shelf-life in this industry. I’m competing with younger, sexier girls,” she says, matter-of-factly. “But you can’t replace hard work, and if coupled with talent, it’s you who decides how long your career will last, not others.”

Hailing from Kashmir, Gitikka spent her childhood in army schools across India before moving to Delhi to study business management. While doing her Master’s in mass communication from Jamia Millia University, she would often spend time at the institute’s large studios learning film production. “I wanted to be a cameraperson,” she narrates.

gitikka ganju dhar 3.jpg
Gitikka Ganju Dhar is a veteran of more than two dozen TV shows and more than 3000 live events across the globe

One day, she was ‘spotted’ by a TV crew and was offered her first gig as a TV anchor for a Bollywood songs show. Curious, she took it on, earned a good sum of money and decided this was something she was “decent” at. Soon after, she was offered a job hosting an automobile show with leading anchors of the time.

A debating champ and accomplished dancer in school, she was a natural on stage, and more jobs began coming her way. By 2005, she was hosting about 20 prestigious TV and stage shows a month sponsored by global corporate giants, and had a formidable reputation as a ‘thinking person’s anchor’.

But by 2007, she was exhausted. She needed a break.

Gitikka decided to get married. She’d fallen in love with a Kashmiri banker on a flight, and the two tied the knot in 2009. A year later, they had a daughter. “My ship had docked,” recalls Gitikka. “My husband brought stability into my life, and gave me strength and confidence.”

gitikka ganju dhar 2
L-R: Gitikka has won several awards as best anchor; she was featured in a book The Decade of Transformation

By 2012, the Bharat Nirman Award-winner was ready to get back in the game. Though it isn’t easy for a woman anchor to get job offers after a five-year hiatus, Gitikka still had a certain standing, and was respected by those who had worked with her in the past.

Arming herself with hours of reading, writing, research and practice, she gave her “150% to every event”, never having to resort to gimmicks or “skimpy clothes” to get attention. “I worked patiently. Soon, people realized that if they had a large-format show with a lot of content, I was the best in the field,” she says with quiet conviction. “My career has always run on my terms. I’ve never compromised on my values.”

In her second innings, Gitikka has learnt to be kind to herself. She divides her day between work, her seven-year-old daughter and catching up with the news. And she does not stress out before going onstage: “I do my preparation, and then I let go of all worry. I know I will handle it.” That’s a pro talking.

First published in the December issue of eShe magazine. Read it for free here, or buy the print edition.

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  1. Tej Razdan

    Role model for the women looking for success through determination and hard work.


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