These Twins Have No Problem Twinning When They Step Out Together!

Twins Sheetal and Shilpa Chadha have an identical style sensibility, and it’s easier for them to wear the same thing rather than argue over it!

Being a twin is like being born with a best friend, says Sheetal Chadha, who is older than Shilpa by seven minutes. The 30-something sisters are a treat to observe; they bicker one minute and click selfies the next.

Born in Delhi to parents who worked in the government, with an older brother in the US, the twins were brought up doing everything together. In fact, they have been told by an astrologer that they have identical horoscopes too!

Their personalities are different – Sheetal, an HR professional, is laid-back and enjoys experimenting with fashion and home decoration, while Shilpa, a business manager, is more disciplined and pushes them both toward fitness and personal growth.

They have an identical taste in just about everything, from men and movies to food and clothes. Their wardrobe is full of twos of everything, and they avoid last-minute fights over what to wear by simply wearing the same thing, even if that fetches them curious looks!

“We enjoy being twins,” says Shilpa. “Sometimes miracles come in pairs.”

First published in the December issue of eShe magazine. Read it for free here, or buy the print edition.

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