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As a work-from-home mom, I can barely recall moments when I have ‘nothing to do’. At any given time, my mind whizzes with thoughts of work, meetings, household needs, family demands, husband’s travel schedule, my community commitments, and the general need to ‘be there’ for everyone and everything.

So it does not surprise me that most of the women I interact with in the course of compiling my magazine share similar narratives – of balancing family and career, and of making difficult decisions. Revathy Ashok, for instance, who was India’s first woman CFO of a NASDAQ-listed firm and a mother of two, had to give up her job at the peak when her dad’s health began deteriorating rapidly (p.29).

Our cover girl this month Jennifer Winget learnt to balance her personal and professional life. Despite the media onslaught after her divorce, she continued to rise in her career to become one of India’s best paid TV actors (p.22).

But perhaps there is a reason we are given these challenges.

Gayatri Jayaraman wrote a book after her travails as a part of India’s poor-rich educated middle class led to deep insight into urban society (p.32). Advertising honcho Shikha Puri started her own boutique tea company after the demands of motherhood forced her to quit her hectic job (p.36). I started eShe.

Perhaps, as they say, the obstacle is the path.