Why I Started India’s First Blobar

Sargam Chopra went from a childhood in the Middle East to marriage in the US, and then gave up her NRI status to follow her passion in India.

By Sargam Chopra, 37, New Delhi

I grew up in a middle-class family in Abu Dhabi. After school, my dad insisted on sending me to the US. Soon after, I got married at 23, and was told my husband would be “head of the family”. My main role would be to throw fancy Diwali dinners, keep a lovely home and raise two lovely children.

Contrarily, I spent eight unsuccessful years trying to make a childless marriage work while still throwing Diwali dinners, hoping they would ignite some love and intimacy. They didn’t, so I walked out. Five more years of soul-searching followed. Finally, six months ago, I found the courage to pack up my life and move to Delhi.

BLOBAR then came about: India’s first blow-dry bar that believes in the transformative power of a simple blowout. It was created out of a need to have a place for ladies to hang out and exchange ideas. Located in Defence Colony market, it is set up like a ‘bar’ to encourage conversations. Bring a girlfriend or make a new one.

Not everyone is meant to have a ‘child’ to have something to nurture. There are other ways to leave behind a legacy.

First published in the July issue of eShe magazine

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