Review: Blossom Kochhar’s aromatherapy spa and products

AromatherapyI am a great fan of aromatherapy — not because I have studied the science (or art) but because coming from an Indian metropolis where the general city odour is less than desirable, everything in aromatherapy smells so good, it uplifts you instantly due to the sheer sensorial pleasure of it.

So my nose led me this weekend to the Blossom Kochhar ‘spalon’ at Hauz Khas Village, a Boho-chic neighbourhood in south Delhi frequented by the happening crowd, including tourists. Once inside the cute little shop, I admit I went slightly berserk with my shopping basket. On one side of the store were the essential oils that the brand has long been known for (and which I’d usually buy off Amazon), which have now been re-branded and re-packaged in 34 variants from bergamot to ylang ylang. What are essential oils you ask? Blossom Kochhar replies: “Essential oils are a natural and safe solution to daily concerns; they uplift the mood, beat stress and tackle physical ups and downs. Essential oils are natural capacitors and catalysts and are able to store amplify and release energy when required, literally boosting the body system back into operation. Further, it is one of the safest, effective and environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional medicines and cosmetics.” In case, you didn’t get that, these are smell-good, feel-good oils that you can use as perfumes by dabbing on your wrists; for their natural therapeutic benefits by adding a few drops to your bath water; or by massaging on your skin in special key zones as instructed.

jasmine groupMy favourite is jasmine because it makes me feel womanly and happy. I bought a bottle, and I use a few drops on my wrists all through the day. The box said it helps ease anxiety, depression and nervous chills; that it is an aphrodisiac (hmm), builds confidence and enhances skin elasticity. But I love it because it smells great.

I also bought basil, because adding a few drops to a bucket of water and then sweeping your home with it is supposed to be effective in keeping insects away, and it also works as a home-aura detox. The box said it eases mental fatigue, migraine and nervous tension, relieves muscle aches and aids digestion when used directly on the body, but I’ll use it only when I have any of those issues and will let you know how it works. I also bought a ‘fairy oil’ for my 15-year-old daughter; it is a combination of various essential oils that fight acne when used together.

I also picked up a bottle of bath salts in three flavours (out of seven or eight) — my choices were pink (for love), white (for intuition and imagination) and purple (for spiritual growth). There was also one for passion that I did give a second look. Bath salts have many benefits, both physical and psychical. Read what Kochhar has to say about them.

Curative Oil_Image 2Wait, there’s more. The brand has recently introduced a range of ‘curative’ oils. These are essential oils all mixed up in proportions that heal a certain ailment or issue, and they have really direct names, like “Help meI I have PMS” or “Help me! I have a headache”. There’s also “Help me! I need to focus and study” and “Help me! I had a long flight” and others, making a total of 12 variants. Samantha Kochhar, daughter of Blossom and managing director of the company, explains it thus: “The curative oils have the ability to improve moods, balance emotions and enhance the spirit. Each offering has a positive affirmation printed on the label to reinforce the healing. While most of the curative oils are available in a roll-on form, the curative oils devised for pimples, foot ache and muscle ache come in spray bottles. Both options are user friendly, 100% safe, natural, and have no side effects.” I bought one that smelled the nicest — it’s called ‘Help Me! I am nervous”. It’s actually for my daughter as she’s always tense during her exams.

Then I went and bought another bunch of stuff — face washes and face masks — and ended up getting a free foot massage along with my bag of goodies. The spa is very tastefully done up over two floors (I didn’t go up any further), with an old-world charm, white curtains, and floral-printed china. The therapist treats you like you’re the most important person in the world, and his strokes were gentle and expert. I had freshly brewed coffee as I looked out the window at Deer Park, where birds chirped and lovers strolled arm in arm. I came out feeling absolutely heavenly, relaxed and, yes, smelling great.

This is one place I’m going to hang around a lot in coming months.


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  1. babita choudhary

    I always use aroma products nd ths is fantastic results awesume


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