Happiness is…

portico happiness

portico happiness

We happened to come across Portico New York’s new soft furnishings collection ‘Happiness Is…’ and loved the idea.

happiness porticoThe collection is based on illustrations of people’s happy moments based on themes and graphics that feature on the social media page The Happy Page. It includes bed sheet sets, comforters, duvet covers, towels, cushions, tote bags, and so on. Prices start at Rs 999 and it will be available from next month.

So now that we’re talking happiness, here are a few thoughts:

Happiness is…

  • A solo cup of coffee at 6.30 am when the kids have just left for school and everyone else is asleep
  • Making up after a fight
  • Hugs
  • The perfect pair of shoes you can practically live in
  • A fully charged phone

Do add your own happiness thoughts in the comments box!

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