Taking on the king

economist mukesh ambani

economist mukesh ambani

The international media can say what the Indian media can’t.

Certainly, this scathing piece (subscription required) in last week’s Economist that openly criticises Mukesh Ambani left us with a gaping O in the place of our mouths.

So says the magazine:

A private-equity chief confessed that he felt disgusted with himself for applauding Mr Ambani. The boss of a bank spat out his contempt for that “damn company”. To such critics, Reliance represents one of India’s besetting problems: a huge concentration of wealth and power in the hands of dynasties that determine the country’s fate.

Imagine an Indian news or business magazine doing that. Certainly Arvind Kejriwal would be quoted. (Certainly CNN-IBN won’t do it). Then what? They’d go out of business due to lack of advertising; some ministry in the government would probably ensure the paper’s license was revoked; or some fanatic political party worker would come to their office, shout slogans and smash windows. It would be like criticising the king.

No, of course, we’re just joking. We didn’t really say that. Mukesh is the man. (We’re still employed on a freelance basis by the Indian media, hush).

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