Read the 4th Anniversary Issue of eShe Magazine

It's eShe's 4th anniversary! American author and activist Soraya Chemaly is on the cover, and inside are awesome stories of women from around the world. Start reading!

It’s eShe’s fourth anniversary! You can read the combined July-August 2021 issue online on Issuu or Magzter, or download it to your device:

(Due to organisational and logistic challenges caused by the unprecedented Covid crisis in India, we will be a bimonthly magazine until 2022.)


This month, we mark four years of eShe as an independent magazine and a space for women’s leadership and stories of our shared humanity. In these years, despite the challenges and limitations, we have managed to make a space for ourselves as a credible platform for women’s voices from around the world, and can unabashedly call ourselves India’s first and only international women’s magazine.

Not only is eShe ranked among the top 25 women’s magazines in the world, we have also now expanded the scope of our work to peacebuilding with our new initiative South Asia Union. Feminine energy has long been suppressed and termed the weaker of the sexes, when the truth is that women are powerful beyond measure.

The strength of female emotion in the face of injustice – even our rage, as cover personality Soraya Chemaly has argued (p.26) – can shake the world. It was the anger of Rosa Parks that ignited America’s civil rights movement; it was the wrath of Durga that led to the destruction of the wicked.

So, it is all the more vital that we put our intelligence and emotion to good use. eShe is my humble attempt to channelise women’s energy for the cause of unity, peace and progress across borders. As we rise, we must rise together. Four years is a drop in the ocean of time, but I submit to the process with faith and commitment. Please join in.

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