eShe TV: Your 3-Point Checklist to Uncover Your Life’s Purpose

In this episode of eShe TV, editor Aekta Kapoor shares a simple three-point checklist to help you discover your life's true purpose.

In episode three of eShe TV, editor Aekta Kapoor takes on the topic of finding one’s true purpose.

How do you figure out your life’s purpose? How do you know you’re going in the right direction?

Do you even need to know it?

She shares three simple questions that you can ask yourself to find your true purpose and calling. Watch the video here:

Here’s a quick overview of the talk:

Aekta begins by explaining why knowing one’s purpose helps live life with more depth, meaning and direction. She then shares her three-point checklist to guide you on the right path.

One: Crispy or soft?

Narrating an episode from her life, Aekta shares that we are hardwired to ‘like’ certain things and not others – just like some people prefer crispy pooris and some prefer soft ones. Understanding our purpose follows the same principle. We do not decide what our purpose is, our purpose is already decided for us. We have to merely uncover it and awaken to it.

Two: What would the trees do?

The trees take nourishment from both the earth and sky. In the same way, humans are fuelled both by their roots (their experiences, background, and so on), and from universal positive energy. But some people accept it and allow themselves to be nourished by it and others reject it because of their own fears.

Aekta shares the other characteristics of trees that you can follow to help you find your purpose and live more authentically.

Three: Giving or taking?

Your purpose never comes with a profit motive, it is always about giving something that’s already within you. You don’t do certain things because you expect something back in return; you do them because you are driven to do them. That is your purpose.

The talk ends with a message from the Gita.

1 comment on “eShe TV: Your 3-Point Checklist to Uncover Your Life’s Purpose

  1. I love this….the purpose never comes with a profit motive.


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