3 Indian Beauty Brands That Bring You the Best of Nature and Science

These three beauty brands bring you the best of Ayurvedic recipes and natural ingredients, in easy-to-use formats.

Following our tradition of reviewing nature-based beauty products that are proudly ‘Made in India’, we bring to you three new brands that we’ve tried and loved this month.


neoVeda-Aloe-Vera-Skin-CareThe best part about Ayurvedic beauty treatments is that they are completely natural and balance the three Bio Energies known as Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. But the downside is that they are not always easy to use and can be rather sticky and smelly at times! NeoVeda has solved the problem by coming up with a range of wellness products using PETA-certified, pure, natural ingredients and essential oils to nourish the body and mind.

We loved their Face Cleanser Olive, Jojoba and Hazelnut Oil (Rs 950), and the sweet-smelling Body Moisturizer Honey, Almond and Aloe Vera Lotion (Rs 850).

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Bio-resurge's-Padmakesh-herbal-hair-wash-and-shampooHere’s a brand that is all set to topple those chemical-laden, mass-produced FMCG products off the beauty shelves, and at equally competitive prices! The formulations for Bio Resurge skincare and haircare products are adopted from the Vedas and scriptures, and stay true to the original recipes.

We tried their Padmakesh range of hair products, which includes a Nourishing Hair Oil (Rs 240) that is highly effective against dandruff and hair fall, and washes off easily; and a Herbal Hair Wash (Rs 180) that is infused with the goodness of traditional Indian hair-care ingredients neem, amla, bhringraj and japakusum.

We also tried their Anashwara Natural Rose Nourishing Cream (Rs 395), which is deeply nourishing and excellent quality at that price point, and the Anashwara Golden Glow Face Wash (Rs 400), which has a very pleasing, natural fragrance and doesn’t dry the skin.

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Plump Skin and Hair Food Vit C

Launched in 2017, Plump Skin & Hair Food is a pan-India platform that offers natural and organic, vegan beauty products. Their range of 50-plus products are chemical-free and formulated by using certified cold pressed oil and plant extracts. Their face serums are especially popular so we tried two of those.

Th 24k Rose Gold Oil (Rs 1299) is an oil-based facial moisturiser made without chemical additives. Excellent for people with dry skin, it contains lush ingredients such as 24-karat gold flakes, pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil, and bergamot and lemongrass oils. No wonder your skin shines after just a few days of use! We also tried their Elixir of Youth (Rs 1199), which the brand calls ‘your daily dose of Botox’, which — true to its name — plumps your skin from within.

Find Plump Skin and Hair Food on Facebook @Plumpskinfood

Lead photo: Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash.

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