This Designer Makes Reversible Outfits With Two Totally Different Looks!

Young designer Niti Singhal has come up with a unique fashion label Twee-In-One that offers reversible, convertible clothing.

Niti Singhal is on a mission to solve the world’s problems: of lesser living space, busier lifestyles, and a greater pressure to look good for social media. The London-based young designer has come up a convertible and reversible fashion brand, Twee-In-One, the only label in the world to make clothes that flip from a day look to a night look.

Having studied apparel manufacturing from Mumbai, fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, Milan, and a Master Accelerator programme in fashion from London, Niti’s aim is to simplify modern life to allow one to do more with less.

Niti Singhal

“When I was working in Italy as an embroidery designer, my company had provided me with a small room, which was barely enough for me, leave alone my clothes. In a foreign land, I would make use of every weekend to travel around. And each time I packed my bag, I wondered that life would be perfect if I could carry and store less yet have more,” says Niti.

She goes on: “The only way this was possible was to optimise the space that one garment took. That’s when I developed the concept of reversible and convertible clothing.”

The clothes Niti designs don’t just have different colours or prints on both sides; they have a completely different look and feel. One can wear the same garment for an entire day and go from a casual look to a formal one by simply flipping sides.

Priced between Rs 2000 and 35000, the label’s target audience is “any girl who is always on the go, a traveller, an extrovert who is very social, someone who loves fashion.”

Niti-Singhal-Twee-in-OneOf course, such an innovative concept can’t have been without challenges. “The main challenge was to get both the sides right, in terms of the design, fit and comfort. The next challenge was to find a way to convey this idea to the world and to make them believe that something like this could work. As the concept is very new and unbelievable for people, they still take a while before placing an order online. They like to see the product for real and understand the flip first. It’s magic, but it’s real!” she smiles.

Launched in May last year, the clothes retail from the brand’s own e-store, besides in department stores in Surat and Bangalore. Niti has also participated in fashion shows and fundraisers, and was awarded the most inspirational designer at India Fashion Week, London, in 2017.

With sustainable fashion becoming a buzzword these days, what makes Twee-in-One’s concept unique is that these clothes help women have more looks and styles with lesser clothing in reality, thus promoting a more sustainable lifestyle with less waste.

Niti-Singhal-Twee-in-One-2.jpgThough her brand is relatively new, Niti is heartened by the response she has got so far. “When you have a brand with a purpose and you see the purpose getting achieved, it motivates you. I have been fortunate enough to get an extremely positive response since our launch and it encourages me to work harder on our designs and launch capsule collections every few months,” she says.

All the products Niti designs, whether clothes, notebooks or bags, are convertible. “People are often surprised at the variety and utility aspect of our designs,” laughs Niti. “Their faces light up on finding out that each design is reversible and can be worn as two completely different looks!”

First published in eShe’s March 2019 issue

1 comment on “This Designer Makes Reversible Outfits With Two Totally Different Looks!

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