These Devices Developed by Students Aim to Make Life Healthier and Safer for Women

Students, both girls and boys, are leading the call to make life easier and safer for Indian women. Here are two devices developed by Delhi students.

sanfe-product.jpegSanfe Sanitary Device

Developed by IIT students as an affordable and efficient solution to unhygienic public lavatories, Sanfe is a stand-and-pee device for women, priced at Rs 5 per unit (above). This single-use biodegradable sanitary device has a menstrual friendly design. It is adjustable in size and also allows convenient single-hand usage, which makes it highly user-friendly. It was designed with special care towards pregnant women, who cannot hold their pee for a long time and face problems while squatting.

The device is available at AIIMS and Apollo Hospital.

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Rape whistleShe’s Against Rape Initiative

Launched by students of The Shri Ram School, Delhi-NCR, the ‘She’s Against Rape’ Initiative is an effort at making Delhi a safer place for women. The students have created a ‘Rape Whistle’, a battery-operated handheld device that makes a noise of upto 120 dB. It cannot be easily turned off by a third person, hence attracting immediate attention.

First published in eShe’s September 2018 issue